Jacqui Time: FNC’s Heinrich Presses Psaki on Klain’s ‘Tone Deaf’ Tweets on the Economy

With Thursday’s White House press briefing continuing to focus on the supply chain crisis amid rapid gains in inflation triggering price increases on basic necessities affecting all Americans, Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich blasted Press Secretary Jen Psaki over Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s “tone deaf”Tweets starting Wednesday agreeing withA statement that these problems exist “high class issues.”

Heinrich started the second of the Klain questions with a comment that Klain had tweeted about it. “a message yesterday, not once but twice, that inflation and supply chain issues are ‘high class issues’”Yet, despite the fact “some of the sharpest price increases…included products that every American buys: beef products, chicken, eggs, regular, unleaded gasoline, laundry equipment, furniture, clothing, the list goes on.”



“Why would Ron Klain tweet that and would you agree that’s a little bit tone deaf,” Heinrich added.

Psaki was clear in her declaration that she would follow the condescending path. “Do you think two tweets means more? We are curious. So, just for context, what — what Ron Klain retweeted was a tweet from the former Chairman of Economic Advisers, Jason Furman[.]”

Klain was defended by her, and she informed Heinrich that Heinrich should report it instead. “full context which, I think, is important” in that things would be “much worse” “if the unemployment rate was still 10 percent”

After Psaki argued things were more expensive because the economy was such in great shape, Heinrich hit back and wondered if there were any plans for Klain to cut back on his Twitter use (click “expand”):

HEINRICH [A]nd that’s a much more eloquent way of putting it than the — than the high class comment in that tweet. This is not the first time Ron Klain’s tweets have been criticized. Given all the criticism and pushback, is that what the White House has been responding to?

PSAKI: Are we addressing the chief of staff’s Twitter habits —


PSAKI: — is not a top priority at this point in time. The chief of staff is out there speaking on his own accord to members of Congress, to the media frequently as any chief of staff does And I think it’s important also for anyone here to be able to tout points that they find interesting and that’s the purpose of public speech.

Also on the issue of supply chains, CBS News Radio’s Steven Portnoy wanted to know how the Biden administration expects the private sector to step up and increase its efforts to fix the backlog when “many workers…are already stressed out” and “overworked” With thousands “resigning from their jobs” Say it! “they’re burnt out.”

Predictably, Psaki didn’t have much to say other than going on about bringing businesses and labor groups together to ensure both sides have their priorities met. It’s absolutely amazing stuff.

In contrast, Newsmax’s John Gizzi piqued the interest of both reporters and Psaki with questions about Taiwan and whether Biden has spoken with Matthew McConaughey about running as a Democrat for governor of Texas (click “expand”):

GIZZI – First of all, the recent news coverage about Taiwan has focused on the flight from China. The statements made by President Xi essentially reiterate what his predecessors stated that Taiwan would remain part the nation. Is the U.S. going to honor the Taiwan Relations Act? If Taiwan is attacked, can they send U.S. force in support of Taiwanese interests? 

PSAKI (Political Science and Knowledge Institute): The U.S.’s commitment to Taiwan has been a rock-solid one and helps to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait as well as the rest of the region. We will keep supporting Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities. The Taiwan Relations Act guides our U.S. defense relationship approach. As such, we will keep up the promise made under that act. We will support Taiwan’s right to self-defense, and will oppose unilateral changes to the status. We remain committed to Taiwan’s defense and support, despite the threat from the People’s Republic of China. While I cannot comment on any specific operations or engagements, I can highlight the fact that we support Taiwan and maintain a strong defense relationship with Taiwan. 

GIZZI The second question I have is political. Since his time in the Senate and Vice President positions, the President worked sedulously both as a party leader or Democrat.

PSAKI: Very sedutously! Ed O’Keefe is very impressed with that word as am I. 

GIZZI: Has he been following the Texas governor’s race and called Matthew McConaughey to urge him to run?


PSAKI – I’m able to confirm that Matthew McConaughey has not received any phone calls or messages from my office. As the President, his role is to govern the country and lead the country. He also sees the importance of unifying the country. He also leads the Democratic Party. He’s been in politics — involved in politics for quite sometime. Some might say he’s a pretty good retail politician so I can assure you he is following everything happening out there quite closely.

But over in the liberal column, your tax dollars were at work when PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor lobbiedPsaki wants the federal government’s Covid testing to ensure domestic flight safety.

I’m wondering if you could explain the American people why there isn’t proof of vaccination or testing required on domestic flights? Are you getting information from the President about this? Are there any estimates on when it might change? We’re hearing experts say that U.S. should follow what Canada’s doing, which is doing — taking those policies to their domestic flights. 

Just as she did earlier in the briefing when Franco Ordoñez of taxpayer-funded NPR asked a more open-ended question, Psaki didn’t bite: “Again, we’re always looking at options for how we can keep more people safe in this country. I just don’t have a prediction of additional options at this point in time.”

You can view the pertinent transcript for October 14,’s briefing by clicking here

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