Ivana Trump Loved Dogs, and Thought of Them, Even in Her Death – Opinion

Ivana Trump, a close friend of her Upper East Side home, was laid to repose at St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church in New York City on Wednesday morning.

Fox News reports that the Trump family had an unusual and fitting request from her family and friends.

According to reports, the Trump family has an unusual request for those who want to pay tribute to Ivana Trump’s remarkable life and legacy.

Funeral guests and others — in lieu of flowers — will be asked to donate to Big Dog Ranch Rescue (bdrr.org) in Florida and to help save the lives of dogs that are in desperate need.

Lauree Simmons, CEO of Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday in a phone interview about the need to help dogs that are running out of time — and about the Trump family’s strong and enduring interest in supporting the efforts of this rescue organization.

Fox News reported that the Trump family, including their respective spouses has maintained active participation with Big Dog Ranch Rescue. The rescue’s website has a banner that is a classic photograph of Ivana Trump with her mother and Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka as children. You can make a donation to her memory by clicking the link below.

In a press release announcing the call for donations in place of flowers, Simmons said of Ivana Trump, “Ivana was a survivor. She fled communism, embraced America and raised three exceptional children, who also devote their time and resources to many charities, including Big Dog Ranch Rescue.”

Big Dog Ranch Rescue, which was started in 2008 and has claimed to have saved over 50,000 dogs during its 14-year existence. The rescue has a large 33-acre site in Southern Florida. It’s the most extensive cage-free, non-kill dog rescue.

Conditions for abandoned animals and rescues are “the worst it’s ever been in my lifetime,” Lauree Simmons told Fox News. The rescue’s CEO blamed rising costs and inflation as the major factors in pets being abandoned to shelters or even worse, to the streets.

People who had pets in the outbreak are returning their animals at an alarming rate. Animal rescue and shelters are overcrowded and animals are being killed. Los Angeles City Council summoned L.A. for an emergency meeting. Due to overwhelming staffing requirements and the sheer number of animals, Animal Shelter was forced into administration. This is the Los Angeles TimesThis deficit has led to dogs going without walking for many months.

So, the Trump family’s action to honor their family matriarch is not only timely and necessary, but compassionate.

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