‘It’s Us’: Networks Blame July Heat Wave on ‘Man Made Climate Change’

All three network newscasts attributed the heat wave that swept across the United States in July to man-made climate change, proving how their leftist agenda is more important than reporting the news. 

After spending much of the opening segment of the broadcast, ABC’s World News TonightAnchor David Muir asked chief meteorologist Ginger Zee the question, “How much has the Earth gotten warmer in the last fifty years?” 

“I was going to ask if you could just show us just the last 50 years what the record books show as far as summer highs recorded here in the U.S. And what you’ve seen, a clear trend” Muir asked. 



Zee posted a time-lapsed graph that Zee claimed showed how much the planet has warmed in the past 50 years. “Over the 50 years of this time-lapse as we take the 30-year averages up you see a rapid rise in temperature across the entire nation. There are very few cooler spots than average at all” Zee claimed. 

Zee continued: “I know you’re looking at me now and saying okay, so you showed us 50 years, our Earth is way older than this and we’ve been way hotter than this. And that’s true” she said. “However, those came with other signals and indicators like Earth’s orbit or proximity to the sun. Scientists now believe that the cause of this sudden rise in temperature is greenhouse gas emissions. It’s us, David.” 

Then, CBS Evening News, correspondent Kris Van Cleave decided to ask Sarah Barnes from the National Weather Service if this heat wave we’re experiencing this summer is an “example of climate change impacting the weather pattern?”  

Later on, in the climate change paranoia segment, foreign correspondent Ramy Ioncencio huffed that “Environmental experts say it’s more proof climate change is at our doorstep.” 

Last but not least, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt in his typical smug and patronizing fashion opened his broadcast wailing how “this is what scientists have been telling us the future looks like, except it is now.”

This media climate hysteria was enabled by Simplisafe and Angi (ABC), respectively, as well Liberty Mutual (NBC). You can link their information to let them know what biased news they are funding. 

You can click the expand button to view transcripts from each segment. 

ABC’s World News Tonight 
June 19, 2022
Eastern, 6:38:52 

DAVIDMUIR: Ginger, we don’t know much about you but you have studied these high summer temperatures for more than a century. Was going to ask you if you would show us the 50 most recent summer highs in the U.S., and what you have seen. 

GINGER ZEE : Yes, David. I will take you directly to the data. Now you can see the map showing 1961-1990. These 30-year averages compare to 20th-century values. There is some blue in the map. As we add the 30-year-old averages to the time-lapse, the whole nation has seen a dramatic rise in temperatures. It is rare to find cooler places than the average. 

What does this mean? I can see you looking at me right now, saying, “Okay, you have shown us 50 years.” It means our Earth is older than that and it has been much hotter. That’s right. But, they also included other indicators and signals such as Earth’s orbital position or its proximity to the Sun. Researchers say that scientists now have the evidence to support this rapid increase in temperatures and greenhouse gas emission. It’s us, David. 


CBS Evening News
June 19, 2022
Eastern, 6:34:28 

KRISVAN CLEAVE: Does this show how climate change is affecting weather patterns? 

SARAH BARNES (METEOROLOGIST NATIONAL WEAR SERVICE): As a result of climate change, we are definitely seeing more extreme weather. The drought forced us into the summer season much earlier than normal. 


Eastern at 6:36 p.m. 

RAMY IONCENCIO – What you’re witnessing here is this kind and scale of fire that has shocked residents. However, the record breaking heat at 104 degrees combined with this tinderbox environment has made it all possible. Outside Buckingham Palace in the city center, the queen’s guard in woolen uniforms and bearskin hats drew mercy from a policeman. The heat caused train tracks to buckle in the heat, and services were slowed down or canceled. Britons in search of a vacation had few options. Only three out of 100 houses have air conditioning. According to experts, this is more evidence of climate change. 

UNIDENTIFIED CLIMATE CHAIN ACTIVIST: Climate Change isn’t something that happens over there. It’s here. 

MICHAL NACHMANY, CLIMATE POLICY RADIAR DOCTOR: You see, when we first looked at polar bears we thought this was about our children, our grandchildren. But it isn’t. This is what we are, and this is the moment.

NBC Nightly News
June 19, 2022
Eastern at 7:01 p.m.

LESTER HOLTZ: Hello everyone. This is what the scientists tell us about the future, except that it is already here. Millions of people living in record-breaking heat across the globe, from California to Western Europe and parts Asia and Africa to Asia, are now facing extreme temperatures that exceed what is considered normal for summer. This has caused misery and created a danger for their health. 

The country is experiencing more extreme weather conditions than ever before. Oklahoma City also hit 109. Dodge City, Kansas broke the record by setting a new one at 107. The UK, which is usually cool, reached an all-time high of 104 degrees and bent and broke train tracks. This is how it got.

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