It’s Georgia and Texas in the World Series – Opinion

The commissioner of baseball and sports writers must be still clutching their pearls. Over 41,000 Braves fanatics screamed last night as they smashed their un-masked, un-mandated lungs. They also tomahawk-chopped their Atlanta Braves to win. Atlanta was denied this year’s All Star Game because Commissioner Manfred caved to craven, political actors. Baseball, he said, can’t have a featured event in Georgia after it passed a voter ID law. Colorado was the chosen location for the event. Colorado already has a similar voter legislation, but that doesn’t make it any less important. This is about optics.

Texas Democrats ran away in July to get around a quorum for a Texas voter bill. They boarded a private plane to take lots of photos and drink lots of beer. The couple returned home with empty bottles of beer and some COVID. Last month, the new voter law that required ID was passed. This was all about optics and not facts.

This year’s World Series is Braves versus  Astros. It won’t be the Dodgers versus Astros. This would have been a rematch of 2018, when the Astros stole their way to the Championship. That would have been big numbers for MLB; but alas, it’s Georgia and Texas. Yes, Mr. Commissioner, Georgia versus Texas. There is no mandate to have a mask in either state.  Neither state will have people deputized to check COVID “papers.” Vaccination rates in both states are about the same as California. California is different because I often see moms walking down the streets with their kids wearing masks. You can’t get into Dodger Stadium without showing your COVID “papers.”

Bill Plaschke, LA Times columnist, tweeted last night the following:

“Hmm, wonder why Travis Tritt wasn’t on the field when he sang the National Anthem? The home of the tomahawk chop is also the home of the anti-vaxxer anthem singer”

What does this statement, besides being non sequitur? And Tritt’s objection isn’t the vaccine, it’s mandates. You can get the vaccine. If you’ve had COVID and don’t want the vaccine – that’s your choice. Tritt isn’t anti-vaccine, he’s pro-freedom of choice.

Plaschke has been vaccinated, which I doubt. Although Plaschke was also overweight and old, he survived COVID. He said his bout was “awful.” However, he was writing about it while he had it, then back at work pretty quickly for being old and overweight. I’m glad he’s back because he’s a talented writer, but he’s lying about a guy he doesn’t agree with and that’s unfortunate. Bill shared a picture of himself at Waffle House with an anonymous server yesterday. That freedom thing is strange. Biden says that the server allowed Bill to kill.

These next 10 days will prove difficult for COVID nannies as well as Thought Cops. This will make it harder for the pearl-clutching commission. Manfred, it is certain, would relocate the Series to Texas or Georgia, if possible. Fortunately, he can’t. As unmasked and unmandated Braves fans play for hours on end, the commissioner must watch as Astros fans enjoy Texas barbecue, with not a single mask.

It is my hope that the Braves will win the Series. The Series should end in Atlanta with Commissioner Manfred present. There will be chops while the last game is being played. I hope that while the trophy ceremony is playing out and the commissioner is serenaded with a “chant,” the announcer looks into the camera and says: “I think they are saying, ‘Let’s Go, Brandon.’”

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