It Sure Seems Like the January 6th Committee Was Colluding With Jeff Zucker – Opinion

In case you haven’t heard, CNN’s Jeff Zucker is out of a job. His nine-year tenure at the top of liberal network CNN ended with his resignation. According to CNN, his reason for resigning was because he didn’t disclose his affair with his longtime lieutenant. But there’s plenty of reason to believe that the story goes much further, and it appears to include misconduct regarding former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Zucker effectively ran CNN into the crowd throughout his time, with a drop in viewership of around 80% recorded on his records. However, there was much hand-wringing after his departure. There were many examples of CNN staffers and hosts expressing their outrage. They could not replace the person who failed so spectacularly.

This angst becomes more understandable if you consider it in terms of preferable narratives. It wasn’t that Zucker was doing a good job by the numbers. After all, the network is in danger of collapsing. He was really protecting the people who mattered, inside and outside the network.

The January 6th Committee seems to have been in collusion with Zucker, when it comes down to the second group. What’s my evidence for such speculation? How about members of the committee asserting that Zucker’s departure represents a threat to “democracy?”

What does it say about CNN’s credibility that those mourning Zucker’s demise are some of the most dishonest hacks in existence? But I don’t think those are idle reactions from the sidelines.

While you probably haven’t wasted your time watching any of it, CNN has become January 6th-central over the last year. Apart from providing non-stop coverage, analysis, and commentary long after events cease to be newsworthy, CNN also has exclusive access for January 6th 2022. They even hosted a live two-hour special in the Capitol rotunda. Even recently, Jim Acosta hosted a primetime show (likely to be temporary given its abysmal performance) laughably entitled “Democracy in peril.” Much of it focuses on CNN’s obsession with January 6th.

There’s just too much smoke given the outcry from members of the January 6th Committee and CNN’s prior actions to not suspect Zucker was colluding with the committee to shape news coverage. Why else would his departure make them feel “devastated for our democracy?” CNN is still going to exist, right? However, Zucker was most likely their connection to airing what they desired.

That’s my read on this, anyway. Zucker is a martyr if he ran protection for the committee as well as the host on-air who pushed the narratives. It seems that there is a concern about the possibility of coverage priorities shifting with his departure. I just don’t think that’s all a coincidence.

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