It Sure Looks Like Joe Biden Is Trying to Purposely Destroy the Country – Opinion

These last few weeks have been an adventure. All that was possible to go wrong has happened, except for a complete apocalyptic scenario. With the Dow Jones falling nearly 5,000 in value over the past 30 days, the stock market appears to be on the brink of collapse. The April inflation figure of 8.3% was another devastating blow to Americans. Gas prices are continuing to surpass milestones every day, however.

Meanwhile, the border crisis is completely out of control, with the only somewhat positive news being that a court blocked the Biden administration’s push to lift Title 42, which could take the already record, overwhelming numbers to double what we are currently seeing. But even past that, things you don’t normally think about are occurring, such as the massive wildfire currently engulfing parts of New Mexico.

With all that in mind, you’d expect the current administration to be scrambling to fix things, or at the very least, soften the blow. Biden seems to be deliberately trying to destabilize the country.

The administration cancelled more oil and natural gas leases in an effort to reduce inflation.

According to the Biden administration, it has cancelled three gas and oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico. This will prevent millions of acres of drilling from taking place as record US gas prices continue.

In the middle record-setting diesel and gasoline prices that are making already high inflation worse, the Biden administration cancels leases. It is most likely part of its green-energy scheme.

You are left wondering where that leaves you. It leaves you suffering, and if Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s recent testimony is any indication, they don’t care one bit. Go buy an electric car, they continue to scream, even as they aren’t available and the costs for them are astronomical. Do you need a Ford Lightning and a truck to get it? There is a waitlist for 2024.

Moving past the economic issues, Biden and his handlers continue to fight tooth and nail to completely destroy the border, and that’s assuming they haven’t already completed the task. With hundreds of thousands crossing the border illegally each month, the Border Patrol has become virtually ineffective. The facilities are overcrowded, the local authorities lack resources, and deportations happen at an extremely slow pace compared with overall immigration. And what’s Biden doing? He’s still fighting to lift Title 42, which as I noted above, only remains in place because Republican-led states have won battles in court.

The US Forestry Service decided that all prescribed fires would be stopped. This is the main tool used by the government to control wildfires. That’s because it worked well for California in the last decade.

Is it possible that the Biden administration was actually trying to take down the country intentionally? What could they have done differently? That’s a question everyone should ask themselves at this point. President Trump and his team have been moving in the exact opposite direction of the best thing for everyone.

It is clear that they can see that the electoral paper is on the walls. There will be a red wave in 2022 with the possibility of re-election. With their fate quickly becoming settled, they are rushing to “transform” every aspect of the country they can before they lose power. That’s bad enough in a macro sense, but what makes it worse is that you, the individual, get to take the punch to the face so they can accomplish their partisan wants. It’s a grotesque scene.

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