Insiders and GOP Donors Seem to Be Favoring Ron DeSantis for President – Opinion

Republican donors are looking for “credible alternatives” to Donald Trump and his most likely successor seems to be Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

There have been hints at some tension between DeSantis and Trump, as Trump has not endorsed DeSantis’ 2022 gubernatorial re-election bid, and DeSantis has declined to ask Trump for an endorsement.

DeSantis is preparing to run for president, as the GOP donors are ready and willing to help. DeSantis is not only receiving attention from donors and insiders but also California Governor Gavin Newsom. Some believe we’ll see a DeSantis/Newsom 2024 matchup. This matchup is welcome by the GOP.

In January, an insider said DeSantis’ goal was to raise $150 million for his reelection campaign. According to reports, DeSantis has raised over $100 million. He could possibly use that money for his 2020 presidential run.

Eric Levine of the GOP, a significant fundraiser said January 6’s revelations have shaken many Trump bankrollers.

Following the uproar over the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and the legislation disbanding Disney’s self-governing agreement, a Florida fundraiser said:

“I think what he’s done is given courage to Republican leaders all across the country that hey, you can take on culture wars, you can take on the Disneys of the world.”

DeSantis is yet to announce whether or not he plans on running. The GOP Presidential Primary candidates will make their announcements after the midterm elections. Though some might want to get a head start and announce their run as soon as possible, some may wait to see if Trump decides to run to improve their chance of being on the 2024 ticket, whether it’s as President or Vice President.

A few names have been mentioned for possible runs: Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence.

The field could become crowded in 2024. This is similar to 2020’s Democratic field. It will come down to which candidate is able to win over liberal Republicans and independent voters as well as conservative Democrats and win in critical swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Insiders and GOP donors are moving away from Trump and toward DeSantis. They could predict that DeSantis can win in swing states, and the right conservative policies will emerge without baggage.

It’s going to be vitally important to pick a candidate who can unite independent voters, liberal Republicans, and conservative Democrats to vote for the GOP candidate in 2024. No matter who runs from the GOP side, the debates will be a must-watch — and may the best candidate win.

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