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In the aftermath of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe’s big blunder during that late September debate where he admitted “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” I speculated on how it could prove to be a pivotal turning point in a race he was previously considered to be a shoo-in to win a second (non-consecutive) term.

Indeed, that’s exactly what has happened, as the polls have not merely tightened; they now show both McAuliffe and Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin in a dead heat with a little over a week to go before Election Day. Making matters worse for McAuliffe have been the astonishing double downs on his comments, and the near-daily signals both he and his campaign have been sending which prove just how desperate they’ve become.

McAuliffe’s insane 2019 summer response has been resurfacing. The video shows McAuliffe answering a Hudson Union Society New York City event about his thoughts on the governor. Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal, which Northam admitted to and then backtracked on, six months after it happened.

I’ve transcribed it, but you really need to watch the short clip below the transcript through to the end and see the facial expressions and body language from McAuliffe just to get the full cringe effect. The audience was shocked to a point.

Interviewer “Are you comfortable with the present Governor, who appeared in blackface next to somebody dressed up as Ku Klux Klan, the Democratic Governor?”
McAuliffe [appearing surprised at the question] “Yeah, well he didn’t do Ku Klux Klan in fairness –” [raises hand as the interviewer interrupts him]
Interviewer “No, I’m saying he’s in blackface next to somebody that is dressed up in –”
McAuliffe [shakes his head and animatedly gestures to the interviewer] “Yeah, but that wasn’t him, either. It’s now come out he wasn’t either one of them. However, he committed a terrible mistake Friday night. [pauses] didn’t know if he was in it or not and said, ‘well, I apologize –‘”

[interviewer interrupts again]

Interviewer “How do you not know if it’s not you?”
McAuliffe [Confidently nodding] “Oh we know in Virginia.” [awkward silence and then a smattering of laughter is heard from the crowd as McAuliffe has unintentionally made himself look like a flailing comedian] “I mean I know – listen, even if it had been him in the blackface, [casually shrugs]You know it was dumb. It happened 40 years ago. [Puts hand on heart as if to demonstrate sincerity] “I grew up in New York, and all fairness folks, [nervous chuckle] I didn’t know what blackface was. You know, I did not experience – we had no racism issues, honestly, growing up in Syracuse…”

Maximum Cringe.This is not an exaggeration. Take a look at this:

McAuliffe called Northam on the morning of the scandal’s emergence to demand that he resign.

“The situation that he has put himself and the Commonwealth of Virginia in is untenable. It’s time for Ralph to step down, and for the Commonwealth to move forward,” McAuliffe then urgedAt the time, the Governor in distress.

Northam performed a bizarre 180 on the following day as part of one of the worst press conferences in Virginia political history.

Yesterday I said that Terry McAuliffe would probably have also exploded if he bought a cringe-meter for replacement of the one that had already exploded. Well, I think it’s safe to say that it has indeed exploded.

I don’t know who dug up this video (likely Youngkin’s campaign) but in my opinion, the release of it was brilliant and perfectly timed. This could potentially be McAuliffe’s next major victory and help turn the tide.

Though black voters in the state, for the most part, appear to have forgiven Northam and have moved on, seeing McAuliffe so casually dismissive of Northam’s most shameful moment as his state’s CEO and then proclaim that there were no racism issues in Syracuse when he was growing up when we know that’s not true could have the effect of rubbing just enough black voters the wrong way. McAuliffe may be the victim of this, as it is all about race.

McAuliffe to be interviewed by local journalists about McAuliffe’s comments. If so, will he stomp off in a huff as he did earlier this week when he cut an interview short because he thought the reporter “should have asked better questions”?

RedState promises to keep you informed about the ongoing implosion in the McAuliffe-for-Governor campaign.

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