Influencers And Bloggers: What You Should Know And What To Look For In The Future

Influencers and bloggers have taken the world by storm in the last decade. The amount of money that websites that started out as blogs have made is unimaginable. A website with just a few people like Barstool Sports is now a household name. Podcasting personalities are making as much or more money as their celebrity counterparts. Influencer marketing will continue to play an important role in online promotion. Bloggers are ralso considered influencers as many of these individuals create different types of content. Social media and SEO algorithms are the name of the game when it comes to ranking at the top for certain searches. The following are facts to know about influencer marketing and what trends to look for going forward.

Quality Content Is The Place To Start

A number of influencers have created content whether it is via a blog or YouTube channel. A great example is Shanell Grant who is a blogger turned fashion influencer/entrepreneur in the beauty space. Honing content creation skills can be so important when it comes to partnering with rerputable brands. Grant does note that there are other operational aspects of influencer marketing and selling. Scheduling posts and creating content on a consistent basis is the lifeblood of any influencer. 

Content that is sponsored by a brand should align with an influencers tone and overall energy. Building a community is the goal of an influencer so the message should be consistent. A staunch anti-gun influencer partnering with an ammo brand could alienate followers to the point that they never return. Collaboration between influencers and brands becomes quite easy with certain platforms like Intellifluence that connect both parties. The ability to see the social stats of an influencer along with previous brands they have worked with is so convenient/valuable. 

Influencers With Medium-Sized Followings Can Thrive

Thriving as an influencer does not require millions of followers. Followers need to have loyalty to the influencer and truly trust them. Celebrity endorsements are a perfect example as consumers rarely believe the celebs actually use certain products. A juice cleanse endorsed by a celeb doesn’t include the fact that the endorser has an entirer team dedicated to their fitness levels. Build a brand of trust among followers and reach out to relevant brands. 

What Is In Store For The Future

Content is only going to continue to be generated by brands and the influencers they partner with. The content is going to be completely relevant in some cases which is always positive. Other pieces of content might be a bit wild in order to garner attention for a particular brand. Reaching out to influencers for charities and other causes will continue to grow as well. A celebrity endorsing a charity is a quick way to generate donations from a segment of their fanbase. More influencers will continue to become household names like that of Jake Paul or Mr. Beast. Take the time to look into influencers and how they have built their brand if looking to get into influencing. 

Influencers might be creating personal brands in the effort of partnerships with corporate brands in the future. The influencer marketing industry will continue to thrive with new tactics being used regularly. There always seems to be a new platform to leverage for both influencers and brands of all sizes.

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