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Importance of Good Body Language

Body language reflects our behavior and defines how people see us. Body language can be inconsistent with what others say, especially when it comes to someone having anxiety or being nervous. There are certain body languages that are important as it plays a key role in daily communications.

The difficulties communicating with a new boss or colleague can land you not fitting in with the team. Paying attention to colleagues’ body language will help to determine how to act. Try not to move around a lot, fidget, doodle as it shows a lack of attention and lack of determination with the new bosses. In business, body language is much more important than one may think. Body language helps us integrate with our external environment. Always pay attention to the way body language is used and how surrounding people use body language to portray their opinions. After determining their behavior, this can help one decide on their next move. Talking to individuals directly instead of away from them allows for a more personable conversation between the two.

Shalom Lamm thinks that practicing body language techniques is extremely important as it helps our brain connect in stressful environments. This means practicing body language in the mirror or when at home can help you be more achievable in a work setting. Once in the work setting, it can help provide a good personal impression to senior workers and colleagues.

Body language can help us secretly think what others are thinking. A smile can be more agreeable with a certain task compared to someone frowning can mean they are not in agreeance. If this is the case take action from here and come up with a second plan. Somebody’s language helps the person become more assertive and put their options before they move forward.

Body language can determine if someone is trying to get away with something. Body language such as someone looking up to the left can mean someone is not being truthful. If someone knows they are being filmed or Infront of an audience. Body language can also be used when trying to impress others at a special event such as a cocktail party, ball, or even at a family event.

Body language can help give you a 6th sense when interacting with others. Asking someone if they had a great day and they say “It was awesome” but see dreary eyes and a frown, it’s guaranteed they did not have a good day. Having that 6th sense can determine if the boss who just has a resting face, and shows no emotion can be hard to read. With this body language, it’s easy to determine the boss is stressed and isn’t fond of a particular scenario. This can be the same when out on a date or if purchasing a new car. The car salesman may say “this is the best deal” well, there are always good deals out there, so what makes it “the best.” If the salesman says this, it’s time to check out another dealership.

It’s important to practice body language to become more successful when in a work environment or in society. Shalom Lamm, CEO of Operation Benjamin, feels it’s important for everyone to be self-aware of their body language to remain professional in a work environment that tends never to express negative body language. Lamm feels individuals should be more successful in their workplace.

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