I’m Starting to Get Why Will Smith Is the Way He Is, and Why I Think It Matters – Opinion

Will Smith hitting Chris Rock didn’t make sense and I think that’s part of the reason it became such a hot topic for so long. Like many millennials, I grew up seeing Smith as the fun, loving, joyous, and funny person that could take him from being a cool, goofball. Bel-Air: The Fresh PrinceTo the hero fighter pilot in Independence Day.

It surprised even his coworkers. All of the Oscars saw the joke as a bit, but Smith began shouting at Rock.

People who loved Smith turned their backs on Smith in a flash, including me. Smith was an iconic figure. The man was an icon and someone to look up to. It’s like he had turned his back on himself and as a result, we turned our back on him too.

It took only zero seconds for the public to start speculating about why Smith was acting as he did. Jada Pinkett Smith his wife sat behind Smith. While Will was laughing at Rock’s joke, Jada was not, and that immediately made Mr. Smith get aggressive. This was strange, and Smith looked weak even though he was a physical aggressor. It was obvious that he was under full control by his wife.

Will was quickly replaced by Jada, and her behaviour. After revealing that her husband was being cuckolded on major platforms, it was obvious she was an abusive woman. Her latest Red Table Talk, however, seems to have sealed the deal.

It would appear that Jada is using Will Smith’s slap as a way to promote her Red Table Talk show, first with this tweet effectively saying that her family is going through “deep healing” but when they’re ready to talk about it it’ll be done on the show.

Smith was exemplary in his parenting of his children. He seemed supportive and involved. Smith was always very complimentary about his wife. Sure, it could have all been an act, but fakery of that magnitude doesn’t seem to fit with Smith’s personality.

Jada has it.

This is what I want to say. I still think Smith should 100 percent face the consequences of his actions for assaulting Rock, but I’m beginning to understand him better. Smith, like many more before him, became a bully because he’s bullied at home. He was in love with a woman who clearly doesn’t love him back, and it seems his actions were a most desperate attempt to win her over. It’s an attempt that will only serve to give Jada more ammo for herself to use against him and promote her own endeavors with rumors of a divorce from insiders to boot.

There is no perfect relationship. They’re complicated, filled with ups and downs, and loving moments are about as guaranteed as resentments. Couples who care about each other will find ways to lift up the best in one another and forge past hurts. They can learn to be one individual and live together. When one person is trying to do this and the other has no interest, and what’s more, is abusive, antagonistic, and malicious toward the person who loves them, then the person in love can be absolutely destroyed.

Smith clearly is a dead man.

It’s sad that in our society today, there’s not a lot of sympathy for someone like Smith. Men typically don’t get the emotional support that women do when in abusive relationships. That’s not to say things aren’t getting better, but they could be much better and should be much better.

It is more common than you might think that men are being abused in the United States. According to the CDC, 48% of men suffered emotional and psychological abuse from their partners in 2014. That number might be off since men typically don’t often admit to abuse in their relationships. Many keep this secret for fear of losing their children or getting divorced. Women tend to believe that they are innocent without any evidence. Many men remain suspicious even after the evidence has been presented.

The Smiths are an example of a destabilized family but the more evidence I see the more I’m beginning to think the reason is that one of the legs on “the table” is wobbly and failing to give support where it’s needed. Jada’s behavior has been shown to be malicious and self-centered. Her husband has been supportive, loving, and she clearly feels resentful.

This example shows how we might as society get our relationship dynamics wrong.

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