Illinois School District Teaches Special Needs Children Only Privileged Idiots Say ‘All Lives Matter’ – Opinion

Did you study Black Lives Matter in school? Evanston, Illinois, students did so in February.

As noted by Parents Defending Education, the area’s District 65 dedicated several days to it.

A webpage reveals “Black Lives Matter at School” lessons for first through eighth grade.

In the way of music lessons, “Black Lives Matter Lesson Ballet & Hiplet: Diversity & Unapologetically Black” tells six-year-olds “life is easier for some people and harder for others, and the reasons for that are not always fair.”

Power and privilege can make ignorance disappear

Students will learn to see how privilege and power influence intergroup and institution relationships and examine the effects on their lives.

In case you weren’t already curious, here are some more:

Hiplet:A combination of hip hop and ballet dance, performed in sharp angles using traditional ballet patterns. Dancers wear pointe shoes and tights that match their skin color.

As part of “Questions to Send Home,” the school system puts it to parents:

Is there a way to get your family involved in music together? You can host a dance party for your family in the living room to Black music!

District 65 also offers instruction for special needs students. Via a slideshow, kids with disabilities learn that “Black skin is beautiful!”

The “Racism” slide submits an image of three people separating from a black man, while the male of the group holds up his hand to gesture “Stay away.”

Another image asks, “Why don’t we say ‘All Lives Matter’?”

Here’s the answer:

In America’s past, many people were treated unjustly based on their skin colour. Unfortunately, it is still happening in various ways today.

Illustrations depict a (presumably white) person theorizing, “Well, I think that all lives matter. We should care exactly equally at all times about everything…all houses matter.”

The man is spraying his house with a hose…while the one next door is engulfed in flames.

The world of education has changed. Is it possible that social issues are being addressed at school in place of only academic subjects? From what I can tell, it’s because school is no longer an academic arena. It’s an ideological training center to produce good citizens according to the government’s idea of virtue.

As for endorsing “Black Lives Matter,” is the public (AKA governmental) educational system promoting a concept or the organization by that name?

In the case of the latter, it’s a curious choice — BLM has presented itself as a Marxist organization aimed at the disruption of the nuclear family.

Additionally, Back Lives Matter™ deals with sexual politics. This is an older version of the website.

We offer space and support for our transgender brothers, sisters and friends to lead and participate.

Our self-reflexiveness allows us to do the necessary work to end cisgender privileges and to lift Black trans folks, particularly Black trans women, who remain disproportionately impacted from trans-antagonistic aggression.

We design a space for Black women that is affirming and free from misogyny, sexism, and places where men feel centered.

District 65, in addition to teaching children the injustice of America’s system, is apparently trying to protect them against police brutality.

Hence, per the Week of Action’s “National Demands“:

  • End Zero Tolerance
  • Mandate Black History & Ethnic Studies
  • Hire More Black Teachers
  • The Fund Counselors are not Cops

All those counselors will hopefully keep us safe.



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