Ilhan Omar Gets Torched for Remarks About Christians on Airplane – Opinion

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D.MN) made another embarrassing comment about Easter. An anonymous Twitter user shared video footage showing a group Christian worshippers singing on an airplane. She was harshly criticized for what she saw as her displays of bigotry.

“My family and I need to have a prayer meeting next time we are on the plane. What do you believe it will look like?” the lawmaker wrote.

Other Twitter users responded to Omar’s silly tweet by calling her out for trying to portray Americans as anti-Muslim bigots. Below is an example of some of the backlash.

Omar isn’t surprised by this line of claptrap. People like Omar use their platforms constantly to portray Americans as bigots. Her argument in this instance, like many others, was woefully weak. A majority of Americans don’t mind Muslims praying onboard planes. Indeed, they might be less annoyed by that than by a guy whipping out a 6-string and loudly singing a worship song while they’re trying to enjoy their in-flight movie.

Unfortunately, progressives simply can’t stomach the fact that most Americans are not as bigoted as they would have us believe. Hate is what they eat every day. Without making fake accusations of ‘phobias and ‘isms, they wouldn’t have much to add to the conversation given that their ideas are about as popular as a root canal.

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