Hunter Biden’s Time in the Sensory Deprivation Tank – Opinion

Democrats wanted to convince Joe Biden and his families that normalcy would be restored. The “adults” would be back in charge, we were told.

Anybody who was following the story would know that it was false and that Joe Biden had serious problems.

We’ve seen how horrible things can be with these alleged “adults” in charge and how they are trashing “norms” right and left, not only bringing us crushing inflation, but personally attacking the Supreme Court while being incoherent.

The text messages of what his son Hunter thought of his stepmother Jill show some twisted relationships there, with him cursing her out and calling her a “c**t.”

But now there’s a new story from the Daily Mail that shows some of the depths of the problems–and how Joe Biden was funneling a lot of money to Hunter at the drop of a hat.

Hunter captured a video of his experience in a sensory-deprivation chamber at Blue Water Wellness Center Newburyport (Massachusetts) in January 2019.

The video shows him smoking crack and drinking White Claw seltzer. He also appears to be fondling his own body. It is obvious that he has lost all sense of reality.

Hunter had complained to his father the month before that he didn’t have money for the treatment program and tuition for his kids, as well as alimony.

‘Hey dad I’ve been trying to resolve some immediate financial issues – alimony tuitions and my bill for this program but the cash I am counting on will not arrive until the end of the week.

‘Is it possible to make me another short term loan in the same amount and I will send it back no later than 10 days.

‘I’m really embarrassed to ask and I know it’s unfair of me to put you in that position right now,’ Hunter wrote on December 4, 2018.

‘Hunt tell me what you need. No problem,’ the future president responded. ‘Ok how do you want to do this I can pay tuition directly and their housing and give you the rest.’

Biden senior messaged again on December 6 to confirm: ’75 being wired today. Love.’

Today, Americans have to learn how to buy groceries and other necessities. Joe Biden had already wired his son $75,000, without any questions, to ensure he would be able to get sucked into a sensory-deprivation facility. “In the same amount” — meaning this was the second one. Norms and “adults.”

Then just weeks later, Joe sent Hunter $20,000 for a three-month program at a ‘sober house’ and detox facility in New York City. But according to the Daily Mail, he went to the Wellness Center instead, where he didn’t appear to be “sober.” He did however undergo “ketamine infusion therapy,” which was supposedly a treatment for “drug-resistant depression.”

Start adding up those numbers, and that’s a lot of money flying around between a government employee and his seriously messed-up son. Joe says he never spoke to his son about his business and we’ve shown what a lie that was, with Joe meeting Hunter’s associates in what appears to be trading access to help his deals. Hunter’s business partner even helped take care of Joe’s finances and did his taxes for him.

Republicans want answers on the questionable connections with foreign governments, including China. But the Biden Administration is refusing to provide the necessary documents.

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