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We’ve been covering the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop for a couple of years now and all the underlying stories that have come out from the emails. Some of our long-standing reporting has been picked up by the liberal media. The New York TimesIn March the march to reality started for liberal media. They acknowledged the existence of the laptop and began the process. Many others joined them since.

That’s why it’s funny that at this point, suddenly, Hunter Biden’s ‘team of advisers’ now are trying to cast doubt on the validity of the laptop.

We reported how Kevin Morris — an entertainment lawyer who has represented the creators of “South Park” — had paid off Hunter’s delinquent taxes and was helping fund his lifestyle, according to the NY Post. According to CBS News, Morris was working on a documentary about Hunter, and Hunter engaged him as an “attorney and trusted adviser” to investigate how his laptop became public and events that have happened since the laptop became public.

A source from Hunter Biden’s team of advisers told CBS News the laptop now in their possession may be the key to determining if anything was altered or added to that second laptop discovered at a Delaware repair shop — or to the other hard drives that have journeyed through multiple sets of hands,

“We have the Rosetta Stone,” the adviser said.

“They can send us theirs and we’ll see what they have,” the adviser said, referring to news outlets and various critics of Hunter Biden who have copies of the laptop contents that first went public in the New York Post during the 2020 presidential campaign. “They should be the ones with the burden of proof in this nasty circus.”

They seem to be referring to Hunter’s laptop, which Hunter took with him to his therapist.

When the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency searched the Newburyport office of Dr. Keith Ablow in Massachusetts, the laptop was taken. This was not related to Biden. However, the DEA took Ablow’s laptop as well. CBS News was informed by a source that Ablow had confirmed the news to CBS News. Ablow requested Hunter Biden’s laptop back.

Hunter Biden’s legal team is claiming that the laptop the computer repair guy, John Paul Mac, turned over to the FBI isn’t the same laptop. So? It was not. There isn’t. So, I’m not sure what that argument proves, even if it were true.

Even CBS News didn’t sound like they were buying this effort at spinning.

The effort appears to be aimed at blunting the impact of an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax records and business dealings by sowing doubts about that computer, which made headlines in 2020.

Their story notes that Hunter Biden’s team hasn’t produced any evidence that there have been any alterations to the drives that have leaked.

Isaac stated that he had given the FBI the original drive. If they think they can blunt what the FBI has, it’s not going to work.

Moreover, Hunter hasn’t denied that it was his laptop all this time. In April 2021, Hunter admitted it was his laptop during an interview. Hunter is not denying that the laptop was dropped off at the repair shop. So seriously, guys, it’s a little too late to try to spin it as not his — or that you have some magical evidence to dispute it at this point. You have a lot of gall to try this tactic at this stage. But it isn’t going to change the facts or get him out of his legal difficulty.

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