Huh? MSNBC’s Cross Says Russia Threatening Ukraine Because Trump Undermined Democracy!

Tiffany Cross seems to have forgotten Joe Biden is president. She’s not wrong, is she? It’s not hard to remember!

On her MSNBC show Saturday morning, Cross claimed Russia is currently threatening Ukraine because … Trump!

This Cross is:

Trump’s undermining the democratic process placed America in a position on the international stageOur adversaries joined their hands against us. . . Vladimir Putin and Xi JinpingThey declared themselves besties and they fFolks have challenged America, either explicitly or for the first-time, as a global power. It’s not surprising that Republicans at home have rejected democracy, but also reality.



Let’s find out if this is possible. So, for the first time,  China and Russia are uniting to challenge America. Remember, who is president? Yet, they are doing it now, Biden is in the White House Because of some thing Trump did? Yet whatever it was that Trump did, it obviously didn’t work because—pardon the repetition—Biden is in the White House!

And what did Trump do? Trump ruined democracy. Okay, Get it now This makes complete sense. Putin and Xi, they are both such huge Believers in democracy believe that America is weak and vulnerable due to its rejection of democracy. Right!

It’s impossible that Putin or Xi could have seen, as Biden did, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. They saw a weak and confused man. Gotcha, Tiffany!

This may be the most bizarre and tortured attempt at blame shifting since perhaps forever.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross bizarrely claiming that, with Biden in the White House, Putin is threatening Ukraine because Donald Trump supposedly undermined democracy was sponsored in part by CVS, VisionWorks, and Verizon.

The transcript is here.

MSNBC’s Cross Connection 
10:00 am ET

TIFFANY Cross: Welcome to The Cross Connection. Tiffany Cross. I’m Tiffany Cross. Today’s program begins with the continuing destruction of democracy. Reps. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger were officially rebuked by the Republican National Committee for their involvement in the Jan 6th investigation. The Republican party is now the Lannisters. You’re fired if you don’t swear unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump (aka King Joffrey). Similar to Trump’s ex-flunkie, Mike Pence.

MIKE PENCE I did not have the right to reverse the election. The American people are the only ones who have the right to elect the president. The idea that anyone could be elected the American president is unAmerican.

CROSS : It’s all right. Trump’s undermining the democratic process placed America in a position on the international stageWe were defeated by our adversaries. 

After Biden sent 3,000 soldiers to Eastern Europe in support of NATO, to help NATO and the Ukraine/Russia standoff Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping declared their friendship and, for the first-ever time, challenged America’s status as a world power. It’s not hard to see why, seeing as how the Republicans at home have chosen to reject democracy, but also reality.Declaring that January 6, 2008 was a “legitimate political discussion.”

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