Huge Migrant Caravan Steamrolls Right Over Mexican Forces, on Their Way to the US – Opinion

We’ve seen an incredible amount of ineptitude when it comes to the border crisis from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

But it would stand to reason that they don’t know how to solve the problem — even if they wanted to — if they haven’t even been to the border to really get to understand the problem. Harris had a four-hour layover visit near the border but not to the actual physical border, and then hasn’t been back.

Joe Biden visited the border in 2008 for just a moment. The White House Press secretary tried to explain his view of it from that short time, like it had any reality.

Biden also said during the CNN town hall that he hasn’t had time to go to the border. Yet, he has had time to go home to Delaware over 20 weekends, including to his beach house, where they’re building fencing to protect him with our money. It sure sounds like an impressive wall. He can have one for protection, on our dime, but we can’t. The crazy spin would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad that this is what we’re stuck with in charge now.

According to reports, another huge caravan with 60,000 Central American and Haitian migrants will be heading for our border.

Tapachula in Mexico was the starting point for a contingent of thousands that flew over Guatemala’s border to Tapachula.

About 400 Mexican riot-gear soldiers came in large numbers to confront them. The caravan just drove right past them. This is quite extraordinary.

After reportedly being injured, the Mexican National Guard finally gives in.

This is what we’re going to have to deal with shortly, and if we thought the September influx in Del Rio was a lot of people pouring in, this sounds like it’s going to be more. They were not afraid to hurt the Mexican guard in order to gain entry.

Tapachula caravan members had to sign up with organizers using a QR code, or a link on the web to join the trip.

The organizer explained that many of the people would remain in Mexico, if they could get papers there, but that “the Biden Administration, with this Administration, it’s like pulling them like cattle.” He said throwing money at the problem, as the Biden Administration wants to do, wouldn’t solve the problem.

As you can see, Biden’s border policy failure is also endangering Mexico, as well.

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