Howard Dean Perfectly Illustrates Democrats’ Ongoing Hysteria Over SCOTUS Mandate Ruling – Opinion

The Democrat Party’s histrionic meltdown continues over the Supreme Court’s Thursday ruling against Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate — testing “requirement”  — aimed at large businesses.

Howard Dean, a failed Democrat presidential nominee and ex-head of the DNC, was one of those Democrats who wanted to take advantage. Again.

To be sure, has-been Howard Dean is as irrelevant as Michael Moore’s fitness trainer, but his lunacy in response to the SCOTUS decision not only illustrates the latest liberal meltdown, but also puts an exclamation point on the blatant dishonesty and shameful scare tactics of the Democrat Party as a whole.

During a Thursday interview on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Dean said the Supreme Court decision to block Biden’s (unconstitutional) vaccine mandate for large private companies was a threat to America because millions would die.

Host Ari Melber (don’t even get me started on ThatDean was perfectly prepared to start the train. Melber asked, as transcribed by Breitbart, “Does this set back the safety of Americans today?”

Go-timeHoward’s bizarre torching of the Supreme Court of the United States by Howard (emphasis mine).

You can. This is the most disturbing aspect of this.Of course! It is their ideological right-wing zealotryThey have They substituted their judgement for a public health judgment, which they’re totally unqualified to do.

The same happened in Mississippi’s abortion case. They look as if they will continue this trend, substituting their judgment with that of the doctors. This is An ideologically driven court.

Dean went full-on metal again, and he continued. Howard Dean.

This is the current situation Going to kill more Americans than those who died in World War II. Perhaps even, if you keep up this pace, death More Americans died during the Civil War than in itThis is also the war that caused more harm to this nation than any other. This court does not help. They’re not using common sense.

End the tape. “Common sense,” Howard? SCOTUS is “unqualified” to rule on such an important “judgment for public health”? Please explain to me the following headlines, Mr. Knowledge-It All:

Scientists Expect a Mass. Experts Hope to Reach Omicron Peak soon

Experts predict that the U.S. will soon experience a drop in Omicron case numbers

Omicron may have some silver linings by improving immunity, experts say

Howard? Are you there still?

Dean wasn’t finished playing the fool, choosing instead to expand the ridiculousness to other areas.

Mississippi’s decision and the Voting Rights Decision. Citizens United. Corporations are people now and they can spend as much as they wish on political stuff. In many cases, however, this money is not found. This court represents a serious threat to America.

It is It is a danger to individuals’ lives. As a result, there will be many, seven-figures, of these.

President “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” Biden was last seen furiously nodding in approval.

Listen, Democrats gonna Democrat. 

Democrats and their policies wouldn’t be possible without their use of hyperbole, unfounded scare tactics and dishonesty. Call them stupid — which they are not — but Democrats are well aware that everything I just said is true.

What is the truth? They don’t give a damn.

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