How to Use Fabric to Create Your Own Tactical Gear

How to Use Fabric to Create Your Own Tactical Gear

Without a doubt, one of the most ubiquitous and easy-to-find materials is fabric. It’s soft and durable, stretchy and malleable, versatile, and can be made from myriad sources. With this in mind, we’ve created this blog post explaining why you should use fabric to make your tactical gear.

No sewing machine or iron? No problem! You’ll find plenty of ideas for creating a simple tactical outfit with materials within your home.

Swap the material; suit up! Add some details to your gear and add a touch of your style or vision.

Modify the garments according to your requirements and needs. You can modify these ideas with simple sewing skills to fit your tastes and way of life.

Incorporate fancy weapons, logos, and even embroidery. Create more elaborate items such as sacks, patches, balaclavas, jackets, and vests with incredible detail (and more).

You can make all sorts of things from scratch, not just clothing. It’s a versatile material.

But it’s also cool to know that you could generally find things in your local store that are made of fabric: bags, hats, rucksacks, jackets (with or without arms), coats, and more. Why not use this versatile material to build your tactical gear? Let’s take a look at how.

Strap the Correct Harness to Yourself

Paper plate shoulder holsters can be easily made and customized. The same can be done with any material. For a quick custom holster, you could use a paper plate, some fabric, and your imagination to create a great and safe way to hold your gun in style. The secret is in the construction of the holster and how you choose to wear it. If you’re thinking about sewing your own holster or modifying whatever you have at home for a better fit, pat yourself on the back.

One of the issues with the paper plate holster is that it can only hold small to medium handguns. Add some fishing line or elastic between the plates to make this bigger, easier, and more reliable. The elastic can also be used as a drawstring at the bottom of a bag (like a duffle bag) to help keep it closed and add more security to your load.

Incorporate a Nice Piece of Embroidery

Embroidery can be added to your attire for ease and comfort. It’s a great way to personalize and customize your outfit without relying on the equipment you do not have. Use some old-school ‘in crowd’ material as inspiration. They may not be as popular these days, but they are still made of cotton canvas and are more than capable. Make your own with a cheesy patch; they’ll probably be the only pants you’ll ever wear.

You can also use embroidery to make patches with logos, stickers, words, and even animals. Or maybe you want to use those old school ‘in crowd’ pants as inspiration for an entirely new ensemble? Perhaps you could add some patches with your initials and create something exclusively for yourself or your group.

Have It All

You can utilize this material to create many things. These can be modified into different pieces of tactical gear and clothing that you can wear in any weather to any terrain. Once you’ve developed some basic skills, feel free to add your spin on these creations or stick with the basics. As we said before, this material is very versatile.

As you can see, there’s no end to the different fabrics and garments you can use to create a customized tactical outfit. You can also customize this with your flair and style. There are so many possibilities that you need to look around your home or local area to find something that will inspire you.

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