How To Stay Safe On The Road While Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycles are cool, fun, and great vehicles for adventures. However, despite the thrilling experience that you get from riding a motorcycle, the reality is that it is very dangerous when you don’t take proper precautions.

According to the Department Of Transportation, it was reported that in 2016. a total of 5,029 motorcyclists died in crashes. This was a 5.1% increase from the 2015 statistics. There is no comparing the fatality of a motorcycle accident to a four-wheeled vehicle. 

Even with all the mishaps on the road, there are still plenty of riders who ride without encountering accidents. They are able to enjoy their bikes without incident. But, how do they make that happen? Their success comes from their ability to follow motorcycle safety practices. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you stay safe on the road. 

Always Wear Full Protective Gear

You’ve probably seen bikers all geared up with their helmets. As you can imagine, those are meant to keep the rider safe and not just to look cool. It’s important that you get boots, not just any type but ones that cover your ankles. An abrasion-resistant jacket that has armor, jeans, gloves, and a full-face helmet (very important). To feel safer, you can wear armor pants with moto boots. 

That you’ve never had a bike accident doesn’t mean it may not happen. We sure don’t wish for it but you need to be always prepared. Do you always have to wear all this gear when driving? That’s a big yes even during summer. You can’t put a price on safety. 

Also, wearing a full-face helmet is very important that has a face shield or some eye protection. Not wearing a helmet increases your chances of an accident even if you’re driving slowly. 

Ride in Your Comfort Zone

Every rider sure knows their abilities, as such, you should ensure that both your bike and route are what you can handle. For instance, a bike that fits you should be one where your feet are able to rest flat on the ground when you’re seated, not your toes. Don’t ride a bike if it’s too heavy for you to handle. 

You should be able to climb your motorcycle with ease and reach the handlebars or other controls without having to stretch. Being comfortable also applies to your route as being familiar with it means you’d be able to easily focus on staying safe and not get in an accident. 

One other reason why staying in your lane is good is because someone else can hit you even when it has nothing to do with you. In such cases, get a Ladera Ranch motorcycle accident lawyer to help you claim the appropriate compensation. Sometimes, you can also be tempted to compete with other riders or motorists on the road but don’t be. It’s not safe to push yourself. You should always ride in your comfort zone and follow traffic rules. 

Examine Your Ride Before Hitting The Road

Inspect your bike to ensure it’s in a good condition before you get on the road. Few things you should examine each time you want to ride are the

  • Tire pressure 
  • Mirrors and
  • Lights. 

You can know what’s wrong by walking around your bike to see if there are any loose bolts or leaks that can lead to possible mechanical hazards.

Be intentional about servicing your ride regularly. Once you notice there is a part that needs fixing, don’t delay in taking it to the mechanic. There are some things that need to be frequently changed or serviced like the oil, chain, brake pad, and suspension adjustments. 

Always Be Sober When Driving

This doesn’t apply to car owners alone or pilots. As long as you’re on the road, never drink and drive or be high on some psychoactive drug. You need full concentration and a sane mind to drive safely. 

Almost all of your sensory organs (eyes, ears, and nose) come into play when riding. Be very attentive. Once again, don’t drink, smoke, or sniff.  If you have, it’d be better if you take a cab to your destination

Avoid Blind Spots

Never assume other drivers can see you. In a 1981 Department of Transportation report, it was recorded that 75% of the motorcycle accidents that year were due to the inability of the other driver to see the motorcycle rider. 

Some riders are so used to overtaking by the blindspot and it is very dangerous. There are times when you would need to drive with your headlights during the day to make sure other drivers can see you. Always wear bright clothes when riding, and use your turn and hand signals. 

Every day, there are millions of accidents around the globe. As such, you should always be adequately prepared for each ride. Follow the tips listed here religiously so you can stay safe at all times.

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