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How to Land a Leadership Role at Work

How to Land a Leadership Role at Work

Jonathan Osler, an experienced educator, has worked with many companies to help them find the best leaders for their organization. He teaches business owners how to stand out and become candidates for leadership roles in interviews He also thinks young professionals can land themselves a leadership role at their jobs. This blog post explores some of his best thoughts on how young professionals can land a leadership role at work.

Improve your skills

While obtaining a college degree is great, Osler feels that it isn’t enough to land you a leadership position. He thinks that people have to keep striving and learn new skills for management positions to become successful. Osler encourages young professionals to take leadership courses in the community, talk to their employers about how to get more work, and speak up in meetings to show they are leaders.

Jonathan Osler recommends employees become familiar with all aspects of their business so they can contribute to the greater good of the company. Osler adds that young professionals need to take responsibility for mistakes and learn from them- showing employers that they are responsible will help them become a leader. Osler warns young professionals not to depend on someone else to take leadership and instead step up and do it themselves.

Apply for higher positions

When Osler hires people to become leaders at their company, he looks for eager and ready applicants to take on more responsibility. Osler cautions that just because someone is good at what they do, does not mean they will be a good leader. Osler encourages young professionals to ask a manager about taking on more responsibility and applying for the next highest leadership position when it comes available.

Young professionals should make sure they are ready with good ideas, passion, and energy when going to work

Osler says that a young professional should always have ideas going into a meeting and be confident when speaking. Osler encourages young professionals not to be afraid of others’ opinions and stand up for themselves when necessary. Osler also recommends staying calm during meetings if someone is pushy or too emotional because it won’t help the situation.

Stay focused and engaged

Osler explains that it is necessary to stay focused and engaged even if the company culture seems negative or lazy. Osler encourages young professionals to always look for opportunities and take advantage of them. He says that you can be a leader when no one else is, but you have to make sure your timing is right.

Change mindset

Even though Osler’s way of thinking is not common, He encourages young professionals to think the same way he does. He says that being a leader isn’t about power or money- it’s about taking control of your destiny and having the will to do it. Osler cautions against changing yourself for someone else and instead sticks to your true values.

Osler encourages young professionals to improve their skills, apply for leadership positions, stay engaged and focused at work, change their mindset to become a leader, challenge themselves to think differently and keep an open mind. Osler says that becoming a leader doesn’t have to be difficult or secretive- it can simply be about believing in yourself.

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