How to Find Time to Get Things Done

How to Find Time to Get Things Done

The desire to get things done is one thing. Finding time to do them is another. It is always on our Wish-list that we find time to complete the vast load of tasks ahead. People are so good at wasting time, procrastinating, and finding excuses for not doing something. From the time wasted, it is pretty easy to find time to complete tasks. Even though finding time to do something requires one to sacrifice something else, it has positive effects since it makes them happy and satisfied. Father George Rutler, an influential spiritual leader in the United States, suggests finding time as discussed here.


Life is like a game; one cannot compete successfully and win without having a proper plan. Having a plan of what someone intends to do will help them achieve their goals effectively. By understanding the number of things that need to be done and the time available, one can develop a well sought out schedule and timeline. This plan will prevent them from being unproductively busy, which in turn leads to de-motivation and procrastination.

Create routines

Repetitively doing things turns them into routines. Through routines, one can do a lot without even thinking about or planning for them. Routines also help people eliminate unnecessary tasks that drain their energy and waste time. Making it a routine to check the email at noon will, in effect, see to it that one is constantly updated. Even when someone is having a busy day, from this behavior, they will always find themselves taking a look at their email at this time. Therefore, creating a routine is a tireless and effective way of creating time to get things done.

Delegate and outsource

Some of the vast lists of tasks do not have to be done by the person responsible. Father George Rutler suggests that finding other people who can complete the tasks helps create time to complete other more demanding tasks. For example, delegating duties to the junior staff at work instead of doing them helps someone find time to focus and finish other jobs and further helps strengthen their capabilities. Leaving things that one does not have to do themselves creates time for something else.

Take breaks and stay healthy

By thinking about the backlog of things waiting to be done, one might view breaks as a waste of time. But this is not the case since taking time off the busy schedule helps one regain their energy, complete the tasks faster and create time for other tasks. Staying on a healthy routine helps people meet deadlines effectively. Sleep being the paramount healthy activity can help one refresh and create extra hours for getting things done. Skimping healthy activities has the detrimental effect of hitting burnout and getting demotivated.

If one has a hard time finding time to get things done, these methods can help them reorganize themselves and create more time as they desire. They have the effect of helping one become more focused and energized while working on things. This focus, in effect, helps them find more time to get their things done!

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