How to connect AirPods pro to a laptop

How to connect AirPods pro to a laptop

You don’t know how to connect your AirPods with your computer. Stuff happens! It’s okay, the problem is simple enough to fix.

First, let’s be clear: this might look different depending on the type of computer you have. Let’s start with a Mac.

You first need to ensure that your Mac’s operating systems are up-to-date. Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner of your desktop screen, and then click on “About the Mac”. You will see a screen and you can click “Software Update.”

Apple says that AirPods Pro and regular 2nd-generation AirPods need Catalina 10.15.1. After you have updated your mac with the most recent software, follow these steps to connect your AirPods.

If you have a Dell Laptop and you can’t connect with it. Here the Complete Gudie for how to connect AirPods with Dell Laptop.

1. Open System Preferences

It’s the icon that looks like a gear on your desktop if you don’t know where it is. Spotlight, the magnifying glass located in the upper right corner of your desktop, can also be used to search for System Preferences.

2. Select Bluetooth

This is what I use as a Mac user. This is the icon that you are looking for.

3. Place the AirPods in the bag and then open the lid.

It’s easy enough.

4. Hold the button on your AirPods case

The light should begin to turn white. You can release the button once it blinks white.

5. Wait for your AirPods on your devices to appear, then click Connect

Presto. That’s it. Note: If your AirPods are not visible, make sure Bluetooth is on and restart the process. What if you don’t have a Mac? The process should be almost identical. It should be. The only thing that will change is how you navigate the Bluetooth page. These are some of the possible routes to get there.

Open Settings on a PC from the Start menu

Go to Bluetooth setting and Other Devices, then click the + plus sign that says “Add Bluetooth or another device.”

Hold the button and open the AirPods lid. Once they appear on the screen, select the AirPods you want.

After the headphones have connected, click “Done”.

Bluetooth is not available on all computers, particularly desktops. If you own a laptop, Bluetooth is likely to be available. This is it, folks. Your new world is yours, where your AirPods seamlessly pair with your computer.

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