How to Build a Customer Community

Alexander Djerassi and customer service

Alexander Djerassi is a business person and international strategy master on U.S. strategy toward the Middle East and North Africa. He was the main approach official and an individual from the establishing group at city innovation organization Djerassi filled in as head of staff and already as an exceptional aide to the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. State Department from 2009-2012. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs and holds a law degree from Yale Law School. With this information one can determine that with Alexander Djerassi’s background in international affairs, he has knowledge on positive relationships with people and society. His energy and solitary expertise is to unite individuals regardless of their disparities, be they contradicting closures of government organizations, protestors and strategy producers, or understudies and government administration. Alexander believes by bringing people together rather than against each other companies will thrive the economic and political industry. That’s why companies should not focus on how many products companies can successfully sell or their profit, but rather excellent customer relations. That will assist organizations to successfully market their items, products, or services. By focusing on customer service, organizations will be able to attract more clients and customers. Customer service also brings new both together and are not against each other therefore businesses should work together and do whatever it takes to make positive public relations. That is why businesses should treat every customer with respect because the customers are the key to success. Every company that thrives was because of the customers that helped successful companies get to where they are today. When a customer feels welcome and appreciated and will spend more money for the company, more profit. Companies and organizations can increase more customer service by creating training programs for employees and enforcing the customer service policy to increase customer relations . Also setting expectations and coming up with different resources so employees won’t have to bring anger to work and and most times wheel increase positive attitude there for the employee he can be more nicer and have a positive attitude to the customer. Always having a smile and being courteous can make customers feel welcome and if customers feel welcome they can invite their customers to come to the business location. Not only will customer service benefit a company, it will also benefit a customer who will feel comfortable and believe in companies who care about people. Other ways to increase customer service are to always take customer complaints seriously and listen to what the customer has to say. Also by taking action and helping solve the customer’s problem or concern to make that customer feel welcome by communicating to the customer that they are always welcome to come back to the company and that the company takes customer service seriously. That’s what Alexander Djerassi will say as a successful business man and a public relations expert. He is a successful entrepreneur with an excellent public servant with years of experience.

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