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The Democrat party used to be a smooth-running machine. All aspects of strategy and messaging were coordinated. The Democrats look a lot like their old self now. It’s their fault, really. The woke devil made an agreement with them and the devil now wants his fair share.

It is also expensive. As the party descended into radicalism, it has lost its hold on the old guard. Although Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer may be the leaders of the party, it is radicals such as Alexandria OcasioCortez who are actually the ones calling the shots. It’s radical activists like these that are actually calling the shots in the White House as well.

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This shift in power has led the Democrat party far away from any moderate type of moderate action, but there are a couple of Senate holdouts, namely in the form of Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

It is interesting to note that despite being radicalized within the Democrat Party and Manchin becoming the leaders of every Democrat agenda item, Sinema and Manchin have achieved tremendous power. Manchin, who is now a part of the party himself, has this to say.

It drives Democrats and leftists into fits of rage, as it is obvious. A constant stream of articles focuses on the Manchin problem. This includes coercion and intimidation as well as shifting public opinion. Manchin seems to be getting stronger and more popular despite all their efforts.

The Hill has published an article today pointing out the loss of faith by Senators Democrats in Manchin in support for the Build back Better agenda. The Hill lists the many noble and virtuous actions it is doing to stop Manchin from achieving:

The lack of negotiations with Manchin since Congress returned from the Christmas recess and Manchin’s definitive statements of opposition are raising serious doubts about whether he would be willing to support any version of the Build Back Better Act, which would provide new funding for health care, child care and a host of other initiatives.

Manchin says he has tried to be as clear as possible about where he is, but fellow Senate Democratic colleagues feel confused about whether the West Virginia senator can be counted on to support some version of Biden’s sweeping agenda.

The answer to the Manchin problem seems to escape them, but it’s not that hard to figure out. It’s a two-fold answer.

For one, the left as it is today isn’t exactly representative of America as we know it. The nation is a far more moderate beast than a leftist one, and despite what the mainstream media attempts to sell the people, America just isn’t that excited about what people like AOC believe. The majority of Americans see her as a reckless driver who speeds down streets, likely to hit people and cause injuries. Manchin appears to be more in control of the vehicle. He is more deliberate in his moves and slows down the vehicle so he can assess whether it’s a wise move.

The media seems to be doing more for the left than the people, it seems.

The second problem is the result. Self-centeredness is the second issue.

At some point, the left forgot that their power isn’t absolute, nor are they entitled to it. The power of the party is their primary concern. What they forgot, and what Manchin seems to remember, is that at the end of the day it’s about the will of the people.

Pelosi and AOC are so ingrained in the voting system that it is almost impossible to lose their job. They don’t need to pay attention to the will of the people because the will of the people is whatever they say it is. These leaders are fooled into thinking this applies to everyone in blue areas and the will of the Democrat Party is absolute, but it’s just not the truth. This is proven by Sinema and Manchin. Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Terry McCauliffe is proof of this. This is evident in the loss of long-held Democratic territory to Texas Republicans.

Democrat activists, media and politicians have forgotten they are there to serve the people not the party. It’s an issue that is going to cost them in the midterm elections and beyond as the patience of the people wears more and more thin.

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