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Being a child of a President has always been hard I would imagine, however, Hunter Biden has taken his role as a politician’s son to some really rough roads. Although each one of these decisions is entirely his, the guy just ran into a rough patch.

Poor fella.

Hunter, as you may recall, has always been there and made many mistakes wherever he was. My colleague BonchieHe has the feeling that Hunter’s adventures are leading to something bigger. Below is an excerpt of Hunter’s last week. Something Big Is Coming on Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Dealings

A bombshell report that detailed possibly incriminating emails and degenerate behaviour from Hunter Biden’s laptop was released on October 20, 2020. That report, originally published and expanded on by The New York Post, was relentlessly censored by social media companies and maligned as “Russian disinformation” by the mainstream media and the Biden campaign.

That didn’t stop right-leaning media from digging deeper, and the revelations were stunning, including Hunter Biden making $80,000 a month from a Ukrainian oil company and receiving a $2 million “retainer” to sell influence to the Libyan government. The extent of his dealings in China was also significant and, at the most, appeared to have crossed the line into criminal FARA violations. Hunter Biden still has not fully sold his stake in the Chinese-controlled venture capital company.

Still, all of that has been known for a long time, yet the media’s response has been to completely ignore it while the Biden administration has continued to lie about the origins of the emails. It was until these last weeks.

Suddenly, for no reason whatsoever I’m assured, the liberal news industry, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, decided to “confirm” all the reporting we already knew was true. Further, the Post’s write-up goes so far as to detail some of Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings, specifically regarding the Chinese. That’s quite the about-face.

All of this leads to a new story.

We are still waiting for the Hunter case to be resolved, but the United States taxpayer pays $30,000 per month to cover Hunter’s lodging. All members of any President’s family are extended this courtesy but living in Malibu with a magnificent view of the Pacific might be taking this courtesy a bit too far.

The following is an extract from the New York Post

​Taxpayers are shelling out more than $30,000 a month so the Secret Service can rent an estate in the upscale celebrity enclave of Malibu to protect Hunter Biden, who is living nearby in a “resort-style” home with “enchanting” panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, according to a new report on Monday.

A former Secret Service agent told ABC News the setup is the “cost of doing business” for the agency, since Hunter — like other presidential family members — is entitled to round-the-clock security.

“Typically, wherever a protectee sets up their residence, the Secret Service is forced to find someplace to rent nearby at market value,” retired agent Don Mihalek told the network, adding that the agency also rents properties at Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, as part of its duty to protect President Biden on his frequent weekend trips home.

Can’t President Biden and the first lady of the United States put Hunter and his family up somewhere in the family quarters of the White House? It would accomplish two simple, common-sense goals.

It would first keep Hunter and his children under one of the best-protected homes in America. Secret Service protection is located in Washington DC, with the White House being the largest concentration.

It would also allow Joe and Jill, to monitor Hunter’s activities and keep him away from any further misadventures. I’m sure this is going to make a great movie or series on Netflix in the future, but the first family has enough going on each day with Joe just walking up to a podium and answering questions, let alone wondering what Hunter’s doing on the West Coast.

While I am sure this should be obvious, it is still important.

Can you imagine what the response would be if one of Donald Trump’s children had done 25 percent of what Hunter is alleged to have done and was residing in a luxurious home with an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean in California and dropping almost 400K a year for a rental to protect them? Literally, CNN and MSNBC staff would be in therapy and have a complete meltdown.

Damn shame that didn’t happen.

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