How Low Can Joe Go? Even in Delaware, Biden Approval Tanks

We all know President Joe Biden isn’t the most beloved president of all time for good reason, but his approval rating is abysmal even in his home state.

According to a recent Civiqs poll, Biden’s approval rating is only 46 percent in Delaware and 49 percent are disapprove. His April approval rating reached 50 percent. This was a substantial decrease on the 62 per cent rating that he received last year.

While it certainly is a bad look that you can’t even get a favorable rating in your home state, the rest of the country’s view on Biden isn’t too promising either.

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Biden’s approval ratings are only positive in nine of his states. Many of them, however, tend to be progressive-leaning. He has very low approval ratings in Rhode Island (plus 3 and one point, respectively) and Illinois (plus 1 and 2 points). Wyoming is the state most opposed to him, with a staggering 77 percent not caring for Commander-in-Chief. 

We really shouldn’t be surprised by the staggering decline in approval for this bad excuse for a president. Gas prices rose to unprecedented heights under his presidency, America was a passive actor on the global stage, COVID rules have overridden personal freedoms and basic speech quality has plummeted to ridiculous (although often hilarious) lows.

America seems to be realizing that Biden may not be the man for the job. Frankly, it is surprising that we haven’t seen these numbers sooner.

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