How Laws Are Formed

How Laws Are Formed

Have you ever found yourself wondering how a law is made, and formed? The process isn’t as complicated as you might think it would be, however, it isn’t as simple as you would think either. I know some people believe it to be extremely hard, and while it isn’t easy, it’s not an unobtainable task. It’s also not as easy as making lemonade either. You can’t just say I want this to be a law, and then it is so. That’s not how it works, and even Judge Napolitano knows how the process is, since he is a former judge.

There are 7 steps in the process of making, or forming a law:

  • The law must be created.
  • Assigned to a committee to decide on.
  • The law is sent to the floor for a decision.
  • The House and Senate must vote on the law.
  • The law must be approved by both Chambers of Congress.
  • The president must approve the law.
  • Now, the law is created.

This is the process of making a law. If it deserves to be a law, it won’t be too hard to get it approved and done, however, it’s not a walk in the park for sure. Creating a law, and the process it goes through in order to get approved, takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It can take months even sometimes.

This process does take time, and it is so that they can work out any kinks, or loopholes, that might be wrong with the way the law was proposed the first time. Also, both parties never just agree on anything. There is always a back and forth. They need to adjust things on the proposed law. They usually add, or take, something away from the law. Both parties help make sure that the law being proposed is done up the best way possible, which is what needs to happen. It’s also an important part of the process of making the bill.

Even the president can’t just form a law himself without it going through this process. It’s even like this for him as well. Judge Napolitano knows, and understands this process well, being as he is a former judge. Judges have to be informed, and have knowledge, of this type of information. It’s a part of their job to know this. They also have to know all of the laws that there are. That’s another big part of their job. So, you can see why he would know, and understand this process well enough.

Hopefully you now see what the process is that it takes to make, and form a law. It’s not a simple, quick task, but it is possible, and can be done. It just takes time, and for you to be flexible with parts of it. I’m sure you can see why judges, and former judges have knowledge on this subject as well, and that it’s an important part of their job for them to know it.

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