How Having Your Windows Professionally Installed Saves You Money

Your windows are vital for keeping out water and keeping in heated or cooled air. But having your windows installed improperly can end up costing hundreds of dollars more per year on your energy bill and can create other problems in your walls and window frames. Improper installation creates gaps and cracks around windows, creating a number of different problems. 

Even tiny gaps let air inside, with tiny air leaks and drafts causing asthma and other airway problems and lowering the window’s energy efficiency. These cracks also let water in, which can fog up the window, as well as cause massive damage to the surrounding window frame and wall, as well as cultivate mold, mildew, and rot. Not paying enough attention to insulation leads to costly energy loss – homes all around the country are losing hundreds of dollars per year just from not replacing their windows.

With over 98 million homes in the US classified as under-insulated, getting windows done correctly can be a difficult task. Learn more about professionals who spare no expense and put the time and effort into your window installation service to make them as perfect as they can be here.

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