How has the Wedding Industry changed in the last Twelve Months?

 The coronavirus pandemic has definitely affected the wedding industry. What used to be a $74 billion industry was reduced to a $22 billion one in 2020. Although wedding spend is expected to normalize by 2024, a $60 billion market spend is expected this year. It’s undeniable that there are transformations in how weddings are conducted, but not all the changes are bad. Weddings during current times may be far different from how couples envisioned them, but they can still be a festive and joyous affair despite the modifications.

Will You Marry Me?

Before taking a look at what has changed in weddings, here’s something that hasn’t changed: proposals have remained a cherished moment for two people who want to share their lives. What has changed is that sales of engagement rings have increased during the pandemic, couples are allotting more of their budget to engagement rings, and they’re buying wedding bands quicker. The global health issue has not dissuaded couples from expressing their love for each other, and they are more ardent about committing. Although the process of buying engagement and wedding rings has changed, couples still search for the perfect rings that will symbolize their love, with trends this year taking twists on classic ring designs.

I Do

The keyword is “small.” Instead of grand extravagant weddings, couples are opting for intimate and low-key ceremonies. This is not just for health and safety reasons. It’s also a practical solution, especially for those who have been affected financially by the pandemic. Guest lists have been shortened because of social distancing protocols, but this has paved the way for couples to really appreciate who the significant people are in their lives, and who they want to spend their special day with. Gone are the days when you had to invite certain people out of obligation. Small weddings might be more common and become trendy naturally. While in-person guests will remain limited, there’s still the option of Zoom or live streaming the wedding for other loved ones.

Vendors in the wedding industry have also changed the way they do business. Safety first has become a major consideration. They have put health guidelines in place for everyone’s protection. Self-serve and buffet lines are also becoming a thing of the past. Chef-attended food stations and single-serve meals are the norms these days. Jewelry stores, bridal shops, and florists offer online shopping. If an on-site presence is needed, they have stringent health measures in place.

The celebration of love always trumps unhappy circumstances, maybe even more so as people discern what truly makes life beautiful. The way weddings happen may have changed drastically, but they will always be a momentous and celebratory occasion.

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