‘How Dare You!’ The View RAGES at Bill Maher’s Anti-Masks Jokes

COVID-19 cases are dropping rapidly as the pandemic enters an endemic stage with the Omicron variant being a mild illness, so many are dropping the masks they’re grown to despise. But on Monday’s edition of ABC’s The ViewThe unhinged, maskless group railed against Bill Maher who made anti-mask jokes. Co-hosts also suggested wearing masks every day, much like airport security following 9/11.

“Comedian” and co-host Whoopi Goldberg lashed out at Maher by trying to compare him to anti-vaxxers like Robert Kennedy Jr. “[It’s not ]Not just fringe people are doing this. Bill Maher, who spoke out at the weekend for those who have been following all the rules and are up to date with the vaccines, boosters, and are fully vaccinated since the beginning of the whole thing, made the case that this is not a problem.,” she complained.

After playing soundbite of Maher making jokes about not wanting to “live in your paranoid world anymore” and how “I’m not bananas. You are.,” Goldberg was filled with false righteous indignation as she accused him of not caring about peoples’ lives:

GOLDBERG – This is not funny for people who lost their children to the vaccine.


GOLDBERG. Or those who have lost loved ones or close friends.

You just need to listen. It’s not something anyone on earth wants to experience. We don’t do this because it is sexually satisfying. This is what we’re doing to protect our families…

You dare to act so flippantly, man!,” she angrily exclaimed as she spread misinformation about the danger the virus poses to kids.



Co-host Joy Behar chimed in by complaining that there are people like Maher in America who “Act like you’ve got it figured outLike a partner. It’s over. I don’t feel like seeing him anymore.”

Behar would go on to ask “Why not turn their wrath upon the mandates for masks?” She also decried Maher for having the nerve to make jokes about Dr. Anthony Fauci. “Don’t be mad at people refusing to get vaccines. To ensure that the variants of these diseases live for another day,” she whined, ignoring the fact the Delta and Omicron variants didn’t originate in America.

Sara Haines, cohost of the show, suggested that Americans get comfortable wearing masks after Goldberg left. “The new normal is here” she said. “In the beginning, post-9/11, people didn’t want to fly and security measures felt like, “how do we do this,” you know? It’s now the norm.”

TSA screenings, in reality, are security theatre and they fail to catch over 80 percent the contraband that is sent through.

Eventually, Haines flaunted just how broken she was from the pandemic, declaring: “A mask is a must for me to ride the subway, but I don’t think I will ever go inside large crowds without one. I also may not be able to travel on the underground again..”

It’s worth noting that every cast member on The View is vaccinated, boosted, and most of them have contracted COVID-19 already.

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ABC’s The View
January 24, 2022
Eastern, 11:06:04

WHOOPI Goldbergg: Not just fringe people speaking up like this. Bill Maher, who was on the weekend making a strong case for those who have been following all the rules and are being vaccinated and boosted, made the point that people should be able to speak out. Have a look.

[Cuts to video]

BILL MAHER: Bill, I’m tired of living in your paranoid world. It’s a paranoid world that you mask and you have to go. You know what? It is absurd. You need a booster. The booster scans your head. [Laughter]You’d think I was a banker and you would be a banana. I’m not bananas. You are.

[Cuts back to live]



GOLDBERG – Or those who lost close friends or relatives.

You just need to listen. It’s not something anyone on earth wants to experience. We don’t want to go through this because it is sexually satisfying. We do this to protect our children. Nobody wants it. I don’t want it, and I think he’s forgetting that people are still at risk who cannot get vaccinated, people who can’t get the – little kids under the age of five.


GOLDBERG: For people who have health problems. You are so flippant man!!


BEHAR: It’s almost as if they are over it. It’s over for me. It’s no longer something I feel the need to do.

SARA HAINES: I don’t think we’re to the post-mask part because I think there’s a prudence we’ve learned with the mask, the hand sanitizing that kind of like 9/11 with flying is always going to be here now. It’s the new normal.

In the beginning, post-9/11, people didn’t want to fly and security measures felt like, “how do we do this,” you know? Now it is the norm.

I believe some of what we learnt in the pandemic won’t change. It is possible that I will never again ride the subway without one, or go inside to large crowds without one. I might never be able to feel at ease without it. That’s my decision.


BEHAR: However, why do they turn their anger on mask mandates Bill also made a comment against Dr. Fauci: Why do they turn their wrath upon that? Is it not time to be angry at people refusing vaccination? To ensure that the variants living today can continue to live.


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