House GOP Criticism of Biden Causes an Immense Triggering — for All the Wrong Reasons – Opinion

The reactions to Joe Biden’s handling of Russia crossing his redline and invading Ukraine (by claiming parts of it are now independent) have come fast and furious. On the right, you have, expectedly, seen a lot of criticism surrounding the administration’s nonsensical strategy that has now devolved into a chaotic response.

Left-leaning commentators have done the exact opposite. Some even went so far as praise Biden in spite of the fact that it is objectively a negative situation for Ukraine, NATO and America. Of course, in the least shocking development to date, much of the commentary has also centered on Donald Trump, who represents a desperate deflection from the current president’s failures.

Those two positions collided after the House GOP levied some relatively mild criticism on Biden — which resulted in an immense triggering. The House GOP made a clear request that one show loyalty to the president or risk being labeled as a traitor.

I was shocked at how ridiculous it all seemed. It’s not like the House GOP praised Putin or used a naughty word to go after Biden. He is clearly weaker than they thought. We all know the results and will feel them, as a result of rising energy costs. Is it possible to say someone is not loyal by pointing out Biden’s weakness on the international stage?

Are these people actually charging loyalty to the president? Because I’m old enough to remember when Trump’s quibblings about loyalty caused great consternation from the anti-Trump faction. Besides, Kinzinger and Steele, among the many others who freaked out about the House GOP’s criticism, had no problem at all attacking Trump when he dealing with America’s adversaries.

Now, after half a decade of vicious attacks on literally everything the previous president did, they want to demand a “rally around the flag” moment with Biden? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I know these guys get the vapors anytime Vladimir Putin is in the mix, as if he’s the only despot to ever exist, but that still doesn’t mean critiquing Biden’s weakness is out of bounds.

Although you might think that such hypocrisy should be exposed, it is actually deeper. There is a certain emotional immaturity that exists among so many mediocrities in Washington, where they can’t delineate between expressing reality and supporting our enemies. Putin is a smart and cunning individual. You can counter his manipulative ways by understanding him and not overestimating him.

On the other side of that, nothing is to be gained by covering up Biden’s weakness. Putin does not care about what the House GOP says or faux shows of unity, yet Kinzinger has now spent more time gnashing his teeth over a tweet vs. Russia’s actual invasion of Ukraine.

That’s not an accident. Pro-Biden apparatchiks from all walks of the political spectrum, even those on the left, seem more interested in virtue-signaling to their superiority to Republican Party members than doing anything worthwhile. Everything revolves around that goal for them, and that’s what drove these inane responses to what was, at worst, a meek rebuke of Biden’s foreign policy.

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