Hostin Made to Read ANOTHER ‘Legal Note’ After Smearing Ginni Thomas

It may have been April 1, but the fools on ABC’s The ViewAll year round. Sunny Hostin was co-host and Chelsea Clinton guest cohost. They falsely claimed Ginni Thomas, the wife Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. “was actively participating”In the January 6th riot, which saw the Capitol stormed by a violent mob. Hostin was then forced to read a “legal note” regarding their baseless accusations.

Thomas is a soundbite from Speaker Nancy Pelosi after she played a soundbite. “contributor to a coup,”Hostin was quick to jump in and hype up the lie. “Isn’t that something? Nancy has it right. She’s right about this,” she boasted. “[Thomas] was strategizing about the coup.”

Soon, the Clinton-spawn started screaming, with no evidence about Thomas’s actions. “was actively participating in the white nationalist violent insurrection against our country!” “She was actively participating. Exactly,”Hostin nodded in agreement

If she was indeed a racist, then why is there no evidence of Ginni at the riot? And why have she been charged and arrested instead? And the idea that Ginni is a “white nationalist” given her marriage is ridiculous. Then again they use air quotes when they talk about Justice Thomas being a “black man.”

A few minutes later, someone from ABC’s standards and practices put up a legal note that Hostin was forced to read to cover the network’s butt. Clinton was forced to give her opinion in the middle.



HOSTIN: Oh, I’m sorry. Ginni Thomas denied that there was any conflict between her activism, and her husband’s work at the Supreme Court. She admitted to having attended the Stop the Steal march on January 6.

CLINTON: Stop the theft.

HOSTIN: Yes. HOSTIN: Yes. She said that she had to leave early due to the cold, and she denied being involved in the organization.

“So Sunny, how do you really feel about that statement,” Clinton quipped, teeing up Hostin to scoff at what she was required to disclose. “I just know that we have to, you know, give her version of events, but they’re pretty interesting,”Her expression was pathetic.

Ana Navarro (Anti-Trump Republican) wanted to notify the cast she noticed a Twitter comment about Thomases “put the coup in couple.” “Yes. Yes, they do,”Hostin agreed and clearly did not learn her lesson from the legal notice.

This was a much better conversation than the one Hostin had with Navarro earlier on the show, when he shouted at Navarro about not leaving the Republican Party. “the Republican Party that you loved doesn’t exist anymore! It is the party of insurrectionists. It’s the party of traitors,” and “white supremacists,”Clinton.

Hostin flipped out earlier this week when she was shouting about how President Biden can’t negotiate with Republicans because “you can’t build consensus with crazy people.”

And this wasn’t the first time Hostin was forced to read a legal note after smearing conservatives. Late last month, she was made to read one after the cast falsely stated that Justices Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh were “credibly accused” of sexual misconduct.

Sunny Hostin’s smears of Ginni Thomas were made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from CarShield and Charmin. The following link contains their contact information.

Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
April 1, 2022
Eastern, 11:17.23


SUNNY HOTIN: Ana, I and this argument go on all day. Every time I hear you say this, “Why aren’t you still a Republican?”

ANA NAVARRO – Why are you still a Catholic. It’s not your opinion on everything that is said about the Catholic Church.

HOSTIN: No, but

NAVARRO – Did you ever love

HOSTIN – But, the Catholic Church has not tried to destroy democracy here in America! This is very, very different. Talking about a political party which doesn’t exist anymore.

NAVARRO – What party was Abraham Lincoln in?

JOY BEHAR: Republican Party.

HOSTIN: There has certainly been some change.

NAVARRO: Which person helped pass the voter register act for the first-time?

HOSTIN: Ana! The Republican Party you love is no longer there. It is the party of rebels. It is also known as the party for traitors.

CHELSEA CLINTON: White supremacists.

HOSTIN – What is that?

CLINTON: White supremacist.

HOSTIN: White supremacists. This is not the party that you love. It just isn’t.


Eastern 11:24.55

HOSTIN: Doesn’t this sound like something? Nancy’s right. This is exactly what she said. It would have been one thing if Ginni Thomas was just talking about political issues. But she was actually sending texts to Trump’s chief staff to Mark Meadows and was planning for the coup.

CHELSEA CLINTON: She participated actively in the violent white nationalist insurrection against this country!

HOSTIN: He was active. Exactly! This is exactly! He needs to recuse.


Eastern 11:27.09

BEHAR: This is a legal notice.

HOSTIN: Oh, I’m sorry. Ginni Thomas denied that there was any conflict between her activism, and her husband’s work at the Supreme Court. She admitted to having attended the Stop the Steal march on January 6.

CLINTON: Stop the theft.

HOSTIN: Yes. However, she claimed she left the event early to avoid freezing and that she didn’t know if she was part of organizing it.

CLINTON – Sunny, how did you feel about the statement?

HOSTIN: It’s obvious that she must give her account of the events. But they are quite interesting.

NAVARRO, I came across a Twitter meme that I thought ecapsulated it. The coup was put by them [pronounced coop]As a couple.

HOSTIN: Yes. They do.

BEHAR: A coup. It’s a coup though.

NAVARRO: C – o – u – p.

BEHAR: Yes, I do know that you mean coup, and not co-op.

NAVARRO: Ok, it’s in Spanish.

CLINTON : Yes, in all languages. Right? This is true regardless of the language.

HOSTIN – It is in all languages.


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