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In the United States, this past week saw a new record for the average gallon gasoline price. Some states see prices exceeding five dollars for a gallon. In the average week, prices are increasing by more than 4 dollars. The Biden administration cancelled oil and gas leases from the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico in record time. The administration’s focus is on climate change more than your personal finances, according to internal documents. Americans are being held captive by a group of extremeists.

Biden Administration and much of national press and Left believe that the world is heading for an unstoppable environmental disaster unless carbon emissions are reduced. This extremist viewpoint has been ingrained in the Biden administration. Americans will have to give up their income, lifestyle and resources in order for China, India, and many other countries of the developing world not to. They will not, so we must keep our distance.

This madness has resulted in us becoming dependent upon Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other evil actors for our energy needs. Biden even thought about allowing Iranian oil exports to the West.

Instead, President Joe Biden, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Vice-President Joe Biden want you to purchase electric cars. Used electric cars are not in great demand. The cost of new electric cars is prohibitive for the middle and poor, even with subsidy from government. Even if every American switched to electric cars, there is no infrastructure available to charge all of them overnight. The demand for lithium is too high and we don’t have the necessary amount of lithium. While mining lithium itself is an environmental disaster that can lead to serious health problems, the American progressives are not able to ignore it.

These insanities hold our future, as well as our financial and family fortunes. Americans have experienced a drop in take-home wages. Although their earnings have increased, inflation has outpaced them so that the average American’s income has dropped 3%. President Obama admits that energy is responsible for over 60% of this inflation. Fuel costs for trucks, tractors and other machinery have increased. It has also had an effect on food and grain prices as well as the prices at the pumps. This problem can only be exacerbated by limiting the fuel supply.

Rural Americans would find it difficult to move Americans from their current cars to battery-powered vehicles. Farmers need reliable trucks, tractors and other equipment that will run continuously without needing to be recharged. If a gas-powered machine runs out of fuel it takes just minutes to refuel, whereas an electric counterpart can take up half an hour or longer.

The Biden administration has made no practical efforts. They’re driven by fear, pessimism, and fear. While they provide competitive advantages for rogue governments, they hold Americans hostage to the will of those who fear cow-pumping.

This will be impossible for the Democrats to maintain. The momentum is growing for change. Biden, speaking the other day about inflation, presented Americans with the choice between his policies and something he called “ultra-MAGA,” a reference to former President Donald Trump and his Republican supporters. However, it wasn’t that long ago that UltraMAGA Man had been president of the United States.

Trump’s presidency meant that Americans were free from runaway inflation and high fuel prices. They also didn’t depend on rogue regimes for their energy. Americans are net energy exporters. They can buy their groceries and fuel up without spending a lot. Biden sells a Trump Republican hypothetical plan. But Americans lived it and saved money. They’ll want to return to it. They will decide that they like the mean tweets, even if they don’t have to go broke.

Democrats consider Trump and the GOP existential threats for American democracy. They are so attached to the eco-extremist cult, they will bring Trump and the GOP back to power. Americans won’t be held captive by extremists making their lives more difficult.

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