5 Important Life Lessons Children Learn by Playing Sports

Hobbies to Keep You Busy

The old saying “all work and no play makes a dull boy,” makes sense to Shalom Lamm,

the real estate developer and CEO of Operation Benjamin, a work which involves repatriation of deceased Jewish American Soldiers who when incorrectly buried under Latin Crosses instead of the appropriate representation, the Star of David. 

But Lamm learned years ago that it’s not possible to be serious 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and retain your sanity.It’s necessary to have hobbies to relax the mind and the body. Golf is one of Lamm’s favorite outdoor sports, as it is for millions of others. As millions have discovered, there are few hobbies like hitting that little ball around the golf course.

However, while he likes to play golf, Shalom Lamm, who has 5 kids and oodles of grandchildren loves to indulge his secret passion, fishing, whenever possible. Fishing is truly the all-American sport, neigh the all-time world sport, first because it’s cheap. There are no country club dues to pay and you can do it alone or with your grandchildren, both boys, and girls.

Fishing is sort of a quiet contemplation, and also an opportunity to talk about things that often go unsaid because people are too busy in general and the opportunity just never seems to come up. With fishing, that is possible.

Off-Road Motorcycle Racing

For those who are physically fit, a great outdoor hobby is off-road motorcycle and dirtbike racing. Since they make small motorcycles for kids as young as 3 years old, dirt bike motorcycling is one of the new hobbies that is taking the US and other parts of the country by storm. Most city kids are not interested in hunting, which seemed to be the outdoor hobby of the 40s and 50s, but mention off-road dirt biking, and kazaam, you’ve got kids interested.

Flying Drones

Another outdoor hobby with great appeal for kids and adults is flying drones. People used to get excited about model airplane flying and it’s a safe bet many still do, but there is something about flying drones that really takes people’s minds off their problems.

Drones are also not expensive, (they can be obtained for as few as $50) but there is a lot to flying drones that appeals to adults and kids alike. Hook a camera to a zone and you have a whole new world to explore. And there is an element of control with drones that is not found with flying model airplanes.

Flying Rockets

One last suggestion as a hobby is to consider becoming a rocketeer. Model rockets have been popular since the 50’s and with a model rocket launch kit. Although 1100 feet or so is the typical height for a model rocket, some of the larger ones have been made to go as high as 2,500 feet.

Model rockets, and in particular model rocket clubs are a great way to get kids away from video games and out in the fresh air as they meet and launch rockets and share the technology behind rockets.

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