Historic Win Shows Just How Much Trouble Dems Are in for Midterms – Opinion

Although we mentioned this victory in an earlier blog post, it’s worth mentioning again due to its historic significance.

Kenosha County, Wisconsin voted for a Republican — Samantha Kerkman — for the county executive position.

This is the first female to hold the office and it’s the first Republican elected since 1998. According to the Associated Press, Kerkman was the first Republican to ever hold this nonpartisan office. Fox News however hasn’t confirmed it.

For decades, Democrats have been dominant. So it’s another indication that a huge red wave may be coming.

But there’s a specific reason that Kenosha County might particularly be desirous of that wave.

Kerkman, who has been a state representative in the 61st Assembly District, said that the biggest issue that contributed to her win was “public safety, wanting to feel safe in our county.” She also campaigned on saving taxpayers money.

Kenosha was beset by riots following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in 2020, causing $50 million in damage with many businesses burnt down or destroyed, leaving the area looking like a “war zone.”

Democrats supported BLM and even performed a song praising them during the Democratic convention of August 2020. A lot of Democrats called for the defunding of the police, and there has been an increase in violence in major cities.

After the Riots, President Donald Trump visited this area to offer encouragement.

So I think what you’re seeing is not just a recognition of the bad governance from Joe Biden and the Democrats in general on things like the economy, but a rejection of Democrats when it comes to who people believe in will keep them safe and who have the right policies when it comes to crime and radical leftist violence. While Kenosha certainly got some of the worst of the violence, other places also have suffered from the rioting and the crime in places traditionally considered Democratic and we’re likely to see more surprising flips like Kenosha.

Kerkman wasn’t the only win.

Republican-backed candidates for local school board elections also emerged as winners in Milwaukee suburbs, which are crucially important to the Wisconsin GOP’s success in statewide election.

Ex-Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch was a Republican candidate to governor and endorsed 48 candidates for school boards. Based on preliminary results, 34 of them won, including eight incumbents. Democratic governor Tony Evers was a former teacher, state superintendent and school administrator.

Conservative candidates were elected to Waukesha school boards in Wausau, Kenosha and Wausau. However, they lost the races of Beloit, La Crosse, and Eau Claire in western Wisconsin.

Maria Lazar was the Republican-backed candidate to a seat at the State Appeals Court in Southeast Wisconsin. Evers appointed a judge.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. Looks like the red wave is beginning and it’s another signal that November is going to be huge. Might be a good time to retire now before you are retired formally from the Speaker’s seat.

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