Hillary Stumbles Over Her Own Past When She Tries to Smear Trump, GOP Yet Again – Opinion

Vladimir Putin saw the debacle that Joe Biden left in Afghanistan and how, at every point right down the line, when it comes to Russia’s threats to (then invasion of) Ukraine, Biden choose weakness rather than strength. It’s why Putin chose to go into Ukraine now, just as he chose to go into Ukraine in 2014 because of the weakness of Barack Obama. Notice who he didn’t invade under in those intervening years — President Donald Trump.

But, that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to blame Trump for Putin attacking under Biden. It’s a delusional argument devoid of all reality, but they don’t have much in their quiver when it comes to justifying how badly Biden and the Democrats have messed this up. Even in January, when they had the opportunity to pass new sanctions on Nord Stream 2 in a bill in Congress proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) that might have backed off Putin at that time, Biden and the Democrats fought against it, using the filibuster rule that they had decried as “Jim Crow” to defeat it.

But Hillary Clinton — the woman who lost her run for president in 2008, and then again in 2016, still is doing all she can to smear Trump — trying to blame Russia’s aggression on Trump.

Clinton made the unhinged claim that starting with the ascent of Trump, there had been a total “loss of spine and conscience” from Republicans on Putin. She said they were “naive in a dangerous way” and falsely claimed Republicans were supporting Putin because Putin was “anti-gay.”

“The naïveté is really hard to understand,” Clinton declared. “And we have to call it out.” She even chastised the press for not sharing her unhinged position enough.

So wait, who’s in charge here? It isn’t Republicans. It isn’t Trump. It’s Biden’s “naïveté” (and blatant stupidity) on full display. Trump has reacted against all this by strengthening NATO, and imposing sanctions on Russia. Republicans were the ones who demanded that those sanctions be reimposed in January. It’s been Biden and the Democrats’ bad policy that has led us to this day. Talk about naïveté. Biden gave Putin a list of 16 targets he shouldn’t hit. Biden provided intelligence to China that they shared with Russia. It’s hard to have more naïveté or ignorance than that.

Can we ever forget this stunning bit of naïveté from Hillary that she might want to remember now — when she thought she could get a “reset” with Russia?

What was Russia’s response? Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister mocked Hillary right then. You didn’t even get the word right, Hillary, he said. Russia was still spitting in their eyes even then.

It’s possible to also discuss the entire thing, including her campaign of using cut-outs in Russian disinformation to attack Trump.

Clinton still has Trump living rent-free in her head, and she can’t get over losing.

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