Liberals Devastated After Hillary-Khaleesi Parallels Turn Out to Be Too Accurate

“They literally think the character is based on Hillary.”

Recent plot developments in HBO’s hit fantasy show “Game of Thrones” have outraged fans who viewed Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi, as a feminist parallel to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the penultimate episode of the show’s final season on Sunday, the dragon-riding Daenerys shockingly torched thousands of innocent civilians after her enemies had already surrendered.

Trevor Beaulieu, a lawyer and writer for The Intercept who frequently appears on the popular left-wing Chapo Trap House podcast, catalogued liberals’ emotional devastation by sharing screenshots of their tweet-reactions Monday on Twitter. His post garnered hundreds of comments and thousands of likes.

“There’s a bunch of people who after years of thinking Hillary was Daenerys and both were slay queen lean in boss bitches, are now acting like this Daenerys development is a critique on Hillary,” said, known as Ricky Rawls.

“They literally think the character is based on Hillary,” he added.

“Officially fed up with the ‘this aged poorly’ takes from dudes making fun of 2016 comparisons between Hillary Clinton and Daenerys,” read one of the tweets, from healthcare advocate Kendally Brown. “But maybe take a second to consider the fact that you’re shitting on women 3 YEARS LATER for just being excited about strong female representation.”

In a followup tweet, Brown suggested it was only natural for women to compare Clinton to Daenerys, considering the lack of “strong female” representation in the culture.

“ALSO if you think it’s sO LAmE women were comparing one of the only strong female characters to one of the limited number of nationally recognized women politicians, maybe GET OFF YOUR ASSES and help elect more women and get more women in writers’ seats,” she wrote.

“[H]illary clinton daenerys targaryen getting portrayed as crazy by men because they had the audacity to want to lead,” read another of the tweets highlighted by Beaulieu.

Comedian Erin Tracy wrote that “Game of Thrones” was giving her “some hardcore 2016 election vibes— Daenerys is Hillary and Jon is Trump and burn it all Daenerys burn it all they never deserved you in the first place.”

Beaulieu also chronicled past think-pieces from media outlets who saw similarities between Clinton and Khaleesi. “Hillary Clinton: 7 Ways She’s Just Like Daenerys Targaryen,” reads an unfortunate headline from a 2016 piece in The Hollywood Gossip that is meant as a tribute to the former secretary of state.

In 2016, feminist media company SHE Media released a coloring book that featured Clinton, then the Democratic presidential nominee, depicted as the Mother of Dragons.

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