Hillary Clinton Foments Insurrection About the 2016 Election — According to Her Own Party’s Rules – Opinion

There’s something incredibly sad about a politician who is otherwise irrelevant, at least to the American public, but just can’t let go.

Hillary Clinton, a grandmother of 74, lost her presidential election not in the last cycle but over five years. Yet, instead of just enjoying her grandkids and the hundreds of millions of dollars she’s made grifting off her time in government, she continues to shoehorn her way into the public eye.

Clinton spoke at an Inglewood conference on Saturday. The specifics aren’t really important, as all these things are a dime a dozen, i.e. A bunch of bureaucrats and career politicians preaching to the masses, repeating the same phrases over and over again, while pretending to have something more. It’s the world’s largest back-slap circuit.

Clinton, however, made an ominous comment on the 2016 election at this conference.

Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold up just a second. Is Clinton refusing to accept the result of a free and fair election conducted under our sacrosanct, never-to-be-questioned system? I’ve been assured, with great hysterics from the left, mind you, that doing such is not only a threat to democracy but also constitutes the actual fomenting of insurrection.

CNN’s Jake Tapper has actually banned people from his show who repeat what he says is the “Big Lie” — that the election was stolen. Will he give Clinton the same treatment, now that she’s exposed herself as an election denier?

Obviously, I’m being facetious at this point. Of course, he’s not going to ban Clinton from his show. The CNN crew and he might actually give Clinton an applause round, along with the wider left. Why? They are hypocrites. It was okay for Democrat politicians in 2016 to protest the election’s certification. But when it was Republicans doing the same thing in January of 2021, suddenly, it became criminal and “insurrection.” Remember, there are people actually suggesting that Ted Cruz and others should be barred from public office for literally doing the same thing that Democrat Jamie Raskin did in 2017.

But I digress. What’s this really about? In my opinion, it’s about Clinton setting herself up for a 2024 run. I know, it may seem crazy, but there’s no way Joe Biden remains upright long enough to run again. The Democrats are left with Kamala Harris who is a walking catastrophe. Clinton will see an opportunity. The woman is pathological, and she’s never going to let go of the fact that she got smoked by a reality-TV star. She needs to create the impression that she has been robbed of her rights and deserves another chance.

Clinton will fall regardless of what happens. She’s one of the worst politicians in US history, and no amount of conspiracy-mongering about Russian Facebook memes will change that.

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