Hillary Clinton Finally Comments on the Durham Probe and Adds Fuel to the Fire – Opinion

According to previous reports, Hillary Clinton declined to answer questions regarding the Durham probe. A recent filing from the probe said people working for her campaign worked with a tech executive to collect “derogatory” information on Donald Trump by looking into DNS look-ups in various servers including Trump Tower and the White House. The purpose was to support a “narrative” about a Trump connection to Russia. It was in addition of the information about Trump’s connection to Russia that had been allegedly in a CIA memo. Clinton was trying to disengage from an investigation into her private server scandal which was exploding.

She rushed to get into the building as fast as possible when she was approached and asked by a Daily Mail reporter.

Here’s a picture.

She ducks questions from foreign reporters who likely wouldn’t treat her with the kid gloves with which she is treated by American media, but today, she did comment on social media. She claimed that it was “Trump and Fox” who were creating a “fake scandal” to distract from his real ones.

Talk about projection. To distract herself from her scandal, she allegedly made up the Russia smear. She’s once again accusing Trump of what she’s alleged to have done. She just can’t stop. She is, even now, stuck in spreading the “vast right-wing conspiracy” mode to deflect from her scandal.

Now, claiming this is on “Trump and Fox” when it comes right from the Durham legal filings is ridiculous. Plus, she doesn’t mention the other two people who are already being indicted for making false statements, her former campaign attorney and another accomplice in the alleged plot. Her argument is supported by Vanity Fair. It’s almost like citing her speechwriters. It sounds as if no one ever read the original Durham file. They claim the filing didn’t refer to the Trump White House, when in fact the filing said they mined the DNS lookups of the EOP (Executive Office of the President) to look for derogatory information on Trump. Vanity Fair also completely ignores that the filing specifically said they were surveilling the DNS lookups at other places connected to Trump to find things to push the Russia narrative including Trump Tower and Trump’s Central Park West apartment building. Why? Because the tech executive “was seeking to please certain ‘VIPs’ referring to individuals in Law Firm-1 and the Clinton campaign.” Vanity Fair ignores (or doesn’t even know) that in the indictment of former lawyer Michael Sussmann it says the “tech exec” claimed he had been offered a job in an anticipated Clinton Administration. So she cites something that doesn’t debunk anything.

She does herself no favors by commenting on it. Plus it’s never good to talk when you don’t know what legal actions might be pending and might involve you. But you notice what you don’t see her do? The plot to discredit Trump is denied. What’s the explanation for the indictment of people working for her? Notice she’s silent on those questions.

Jonathan Turley had a few things to say about Hillary’s response.

Hillary Clinton might also want to check what former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said on Monday — that he thought the intelligence he saw and gave to Durham supported “quite a few more indictments.”

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