Highland Park Suspect’s Video Further Shoots Down Idea of Him Being a Trump Supporter – Opinion

I think we put paid to the claims from the left that Robert Crimo III — the man arrested in the Highland Park mass shooting — was a Trump supporter.

We saw Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) train wreck all over that claim, and even curse out a man for simply asking what Swalwell’s evidence was that the suspect was a Trump supporter.

As we noted, one of Crimo’s friends said that the reason Crimo was at a Trump rally was that Crimo was trying to mock the Trump supporters. Crimo did not support Trump and it was just a joke. He was dressed like “Waldo,” which is a joke started by Jimmy Kimmel against President Donald Trump. We’ve also reported how Crimo’s likes on his Twitter accounts were for talking points of the left, and the people he followed included Joe Biden and Kamala Harris–not to mention, that Trump supporters are not generally shooting up Fourth of July parades.

But there’s more information from the Daily Mail that indicates he wasn’t a Trump supporter.

They found a video in which he was building a shed to live in next to his father’s home. The home also featured a shotgun on its side. It had a smiling face emoji. He often wore that smiling face shirt. In the video, he says to his followers, “What’s up, communists?” He also says “Death to America” — two things you’re likely not going to hear from a Trump supporter. So, if anyone needed more, there you go, that’s more that militates against that claim.

Crimo shows his car that has a “47” on it. Some people wonder what “47” means. This could be an indication that Crimo had planned it for some time. That might be, but since he also dressed like Agent 47 in the “Hitman” video game series, that’s likely the primary motivation for that obsession.

Crimo concludes his video, with “Goodbye, Mr. FBI agent.” He also has a picture of himself elsewhere, wearing an FBI hat. So, that’s another fixation.

The bottom line given his prior actions and his videos — he appears to have been mentally unwell, considering an alleged suicide threat as well as a threat to kill family members. The police haven’t mentioned any motive for the shooting yet, much less a political motive. But if there is one, it’s not about being a Trump supporter.

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