High School Claims They Didn’t Barricade Unmasked Students in Gym; Tables Were Just Accidentally Placed in Front of Each Exit – Opinion

As we reported Thursday night, a high school in Oakdale, California barricaded students who came to school without a mask in the school gym and wouldn’t turn the heat on. Eventually police were called to the scene to turn on the heat, but we’ve now learned that by that time many of the students had moved the barricades – which were folding tables strategically placed in front of all of the exits – and marched up to the district office, where they joined a group of parents already protesting mask mandates.

They walked up the street cheering, “Let’s Go, Oakdale!”

It is a stunning sight.

Brandi Hall from Oakdale told RedState the school’s Tuesday incident has increased the participation rate of the students. Jerry Wilson reported Thursday night that Jennifer Poth’s 8-year-old son went to school without a mask Tuesday in peaceful protest, and that he and another boy were forced to sit outside in 43-degree weather while the school called their parents to pick them up. Hall said that both boys had been sitting outside, unprotected and without jackets. The other boy was 7 years old.

The protest was started by older students who became aware of how these boys were being treated on social media.

RedState learned from Oakdale parents through interviews that while students were not barricaded in any way, the table was blocking the path for teachers when the need to hold students with masks. The school moved the tables to another location as janitors removed them. It’s incredible that the janitors randomly placed the tables in front of the exits scattered around the gym, where they’d cause a fire hazard.

If they think anyone believes that for even half a second, well, they think we’re pretty dumb.

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