HHS Secretary Becerra Doesn’t Declare Expected Monkeypox Emergency but the Contrived Panic Is Far From Over – Opinion

Saturday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared, “I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.” Monkeypox is the epidemic du jour. The COVID has been eliminated. The Department of Pandemic Terror has a new threat.

Politico stated that in the coming days, the Biden group will declare their own national health emergency.

Two people familiar with the subject say that the Biden administration could declare monkeypox a national emergency within the next days.

This declaration is being made by Department of Health and Human Services. It follows a similar one made last weekend, by the World Health Organization. HHS may then make the emergency declaration, which would allow it to take several actions such as accessing additional money or appointing more personnel. The law that governs the timing and manner in which such emergencies can be declared by the federal government is the Law of Emergency.

People familiar with the matter stated that the declaration was expected by the end of this week. But the decision is not yet final, and a spokesperson for HHS said the agency “is continuing to explore options.”

Xavier Becerra (HHS Secretary) was supposed to answer the call during a conference about monkeypox, but he passed up this opportunity.

Even though the left is upset by Becerra’s logical action, it was the correct call. To be a “public health emergency,” a disease would have to be a threat to the general population (for the record, I think “public health emergency” is a bullsh** term dreamed up by fascists with an M.D./M.P.H degree combo to gain the power to run our lives, but that’s a story for a different day). Monkeypox isn’t. The CDC states that there are many more cases of demon possession in America than monkeypox.

I’m not being lazy about an emerging infectious illness. There is an easy method to make sure you are immune from the evils of monkeypox.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study last week that found that 98% of the infected were homosexual or bisexual men and that 95 percent of these cases were passed on through sexual activity.

Experts say that the only way to transmit the virus, which results in a blistering rash and a nasty rash, is through close physical contact. Monkeypox, however, has not yet been classified as a sexually transmitted disease (STI).

Experts also warn against thinking that only one community can be affected by the disease, stressing that it spreads through regular skin-to-skin contact, and also through droplets or touching contaminated bedding or towels in a household setting.

Don’t engage in homosexual orgies. It’s that easy. Yes, you can get it through “droplets or touching contaminated bedding or towels,” but mostly through homosexual sexual activity with a multiplicity of “partners.”

Naturally, a new, soon-to-be-mandated vaccine is on the way, further padding Pharma’s bottom line.

The guidelines for vaccination use state that vaccines are not suitable for all.

WHO poohbah Ghebreyesus said, “For the moment, this is an outbreak that’s concentrated among men who have sex with men; especially those with multiple sexual partners…For men who have sex with men, this includes, for the moment, reducing your number of sexual partners, reconsidering sex with new partners and exchanging contact details with any new partners to enable follow-up if needed.”

We are repeatedly told over and again by government officials that this disease isn’t sexually transmissible. Gonorrhea can also be spread through non-sexual means, but only a f***ing moron would claim it is not an STD.

It is a difficult time if you try to say the opposite. This is a clip from “Kennedy” on Fox Business.

The left to right is the host, Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery; Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority; Marie “Man Hands” Harf, a grifter formerly employed by Obama’s State Department; and Brad Polumbo of something called Foundation for Economic Education and a little trafficked website called “Based Politics.” Brad is openly gay (NTAWWT) and gets his shorts all twisted if you spell his name Palumbo, so don’t. I don’t want him getting all stompy-feet with me on Twitter again.

Ryun accurately points out that monkeypox is associated with homosexual orgies and is immediately labeled a “bigot” by everyone.

“I don’t know man,” Montgomery responded. “You don’t have to be gay to get monkeypox, and you don’t have to be bigoted when you talk about treating something that is that easily spread.”

“It’s not bigoted! This is science Kennedy,” Ryun exclaimed, who was then swiftly shut down by the host. Montgomery suggested that the monkeypox vaccine, a smallpox vaccine, is “lower on the priority list” for distribution because it is impacting the gay community.

Polumbo, a gay man, tried to argue that gay orgies weren’t the problem, and that “not going to orgies in general” was a good way to not get monkeypox.

He argued that people had to be “really careful” when discussing the topic. “We saw with the AIDS crisis, with the HIV crisis, about how certain communities or certain gay people will be stigmatised over something that lots of people do, and we gotta be careful about that,” he argued.

Marie Harf, a Fox News contributor and the third panellist, said that Ryun was using “bigoted language” that suggests “the only people that get this are from one group of Americans.

Unfortunately, while howling about Ryun’s bigotry, a fake history of the AIDS scare was mainstreamed. I was an adult when AIDS appeared, and contrary to the bullsh** spread on this segment, nothing was done to “stimgatize” promiscuous homosexual men. The government tried to prevent this from happening. US authorities identified three high-risk populations as early as possible: intravenous drug abusers, HIV/AIDS patients, and Haitians. An entire country was labelled as at-risk of AIDS.

Haitians believe that the effects of being put in the risk category go beyond medical consequences and have had an adverse effect on many aspects their economic, social and cultural lifes here as well as in Haiti.

The Haitian medical leaders’ basic criticisms of the American action were listed by Dr. Saidel Laine, president of the Haitian Medical Association. He said American health officials had used unscientific methods in their investigations, which he called ”racist,” and said the findings had left a whole nation of people unduly alarmed and unfairly stigmatized.

Public health authorities refused to engage in basic STD outbreak procedures, like contact tracing, for fear the infected AIDS carriers would “go underground.” As a result, AIDS was allowed to spread freely and, in some cases, make the jump into the heterosexual majority. These same people tried to enforce contact tracing in order to combat COVID. This is a viral respiratory disease spread by casual or non-infected contact. Some of those who demanded that people wear masks outside while they were alone are actually defending homosexual orgies. Scott Wiener, a California senator is one of them.

Let’s have the courage to state the obvious. If you aren’t engaging in risky sexual behavior with lots of people, your risk of being infected by monkeypox is virtually zero. However, you should stop engaging in orgies.

Above all, let’s not let ourselves be bullied into believing that monkeypox represents a threat to everyone and panic. It doesn’t.

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