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An alternative headline is available:

“Former ESPN analyst Jon Gruden’s leaked emails come back to bite him.”

Jon Gruden, a former employee of ESPN was the source of the leaked emails. Roger Goodell is the true source of the email leak. Jon Gruden worked as an ESPN analyst while blasting at everyone around him. What made Gruden fun as an ESPN analyst was his “Chucky” side, his loose-cannon personality. Gruden thought this gave him the freedom to use any locker/bar insults he wanted and send them emails.

You might be interested to know that he is an ESPN employee. ESPN is an institution that promotes woke thinking. Although opinions are fine, you need to have the correct opinion. Sage Steele was expelled for having the nerve to speak ill about vaccine mandates. She didn’t disparage vaccines, just forcing Americans to take them. She also pointed out Obama’s white grandmother and grandfather, who were both white, raised him, while he was Black. That isn’t allowed in the woke temple.

Jonathan Isaac, Orlando Magic Center, explained why he was considered a low-risk young man who has COVID. He was also a healthy person and had not been diagnosed with it before. ESPN analysts quickly dismissed Isaac as ignorant and disinformation-spreading. The host of  SportsCenter, Scott Van Pelt laid into Isaac. Other ESPN talking heads claimed he was a “Trumpster”. Those were lies, but they’re priests in the Woke Temple so they are allowed to lie and conflate.

Once Gruden’s sins were revealed, ESPN’s “senior NFL Insider” tweeted a veiled “sins of the father” insinuation that maybe Gruden’s son should go too.

“Even with his father resigning tonight as the Raiders’ head coach, Deuce Gruden remains the team’s strength and conditioning assistant coach”

What’s my point? It is clear that ESPN employees today are going to delete emails containing insults about blacks, gays and/or women. But if they insulted people on the right, sure, there might be some blowback but if you insult Hershel Walker you’ll be forgiven. But if you’re Sage Steele and point out that Barack Obama was raised by his white family, you’ll get suspended.

My suspicion is that Disney corporate knew. The troops were quiet. Emails are not forever. However, it is worth deleting bad emails just in case they were insulting the wrong idol.

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