He’s Had ’52 Weeks of Bad Weeks’ – Opinion

I have to say I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Never Trump people who, through their actions, helped to give us Joe Biden. They were so intent on attacking President Donald Trump, they didn’t care about what the result of their actions might be. So, they no longer have “mean tweets.” How are those “norms” working out for you now?

I noted last week how some of the Never Trump folks like Stephen Hayes and David French got upset with Biden’s demonizing of Republicans as racists in the league of Bull Connor and seemed to express some ‘Biden remorse.’

Now, here comes Sen. Mitt Romney (RINO-UT). Romney appeared on “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, and he was not shy about attacking Biden over all his failures. What’s funny is that Todd even says in his op-ed segment that things look worse now than when Romney was attacking Trump.

James Carville has just stated that he’s had an awful week but not a horrible year. He has had a terrible year. There have been 52 bad weeks in his life.

Biden inflation is causing 7 percent more people to be poorer. Since Biden’s election, gasoline prices have risen by 50 percent. It is chaotic at the border. COVID is back, but there wasn’t a safe place to test people.

Then, naturally, the disaster that struck Afghanistan. Russia now threatens Ukraine. The situation is not good. The president must stop, reset, and explain what he is trying to achieve. If it’s to attempt to change America, then he won’t unify us.

Hold on, okay? How dare you! This is all true. But we knew that Biden was going to be a disaster — he had decades from which we could judge him. We also knew that we shouldn’t be giving power to the Democrats because they would be pushing the country even further to the left. Your tantrum against Trump was so loud that it was hard to hear the danger signs. Get it nowDo you have a story to share about how Biden was wrong?

We told you so, but you didn’t listen and you are part of why he is in there, being the disaster he is now. Trump would be light years ahead of everyone you have listed. And we’re going to have to spend the next three years trying to fend off all their radical moves. But at least this is an evolution from when he said he “trusted” Biden.

Romney also spoke about ‘voting rights’ — the Democratic Orwellian word to describe their effort to federalize elections and put down election integrity efforts. If the Democrats thought that they might be able to move Romney on that, it’s not sounding good from what he’s saying now. He said first that he has never been called by the White House about the biden-pushed election reform bill. So, he’s not happy with that. Romney recognized that they wanted “dramatic change” to control things on a “federal level.”

But that’s against what the founders wanted, Romney declared. “Recognize the Founders didn’t have that vision in mind. They didn’t want an autocrat to be able to pull a lever in one place and change all the election laws. They spread it out to 50 states. I think in part to keep autocracy from finding its root here in this country.”

That autocratic effort to get power was yours, Senator.

Romney noted we don’t need new legislation, that we already have the 1965 Voting Rights Act against discrimination. Romney also pointed out how it’s easier to vote in Georgia than it is in New York, New Jersey, or even Joe Biden’s state of Delaware — and no one is attacking those Democratic states for discriminatory practices.

“So, this is clearly a political play to appeal to a base in the Democratic Party,” Romney said. So, it doesn’t sound like Romney is going to be jumping into their camp on voting rights. Mitt, once again, pay attention to who’s trying to take control of the elections and who’s putting doubt on all the laws in these states.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t note this comment from Chuck Todd, following up on the same point that Romney made — that Biden has failed to be the “uniter” he claimed he would be.

Once again, that’s what we said. What did you all miss about this being the guy saying to a black audience that Romney was going to “put ya all back in chains?” He is and always has been divisive. If you’re surprised you haven’t been paying attention. Romney is the last one who pretends to be shocked.

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