Heroes Risk Death to Save a Seizure Sufferer Stuck in a Burning Car – Opinion

The world isn’t as it once was. That’s always been true, but we seem to have been on a downhill slope for a bit.

But there is good among us. Some people will even risk their own lives in order to save other people, despite all the narcissism that is plaguing our society.

One incident on the Canadian freeway earlier in this month is proof of heroes’ existence.

At 10 AM, just west Toronto, a driver aged 36 suffered a seizure. The car had crashed and was now billowing smoke along the roadsides. Evidently, the commuter had become unconscious.

Commercial real estate broker Ben Sykes was traveling on Mississauga’s Queen Elizabeth Way and spotted the automobile near the offramp. An concerned citizen had already arrived at the scene.

Ben recalls CP24.

“I saw somebody with a car jack in their hand heading towards the vehicle quickly and then [starting]To hit the window. And so, I guess, at that minute, I sort of felt like, ‘Well, [I’ve] got to help here.’ And so I jumped out of the car and, you know, just did what I could…”

Numerous men tried to break the window and get the driver out of the car.

The entire incident was captured by a dashcam. Video shows the men screaming, “Get out of the car!”

One man used his fists to open the driver’s side window. Someone eventually uses a rock.

Ben says that Ben was able to find a way for Ben to help him in the midst of all this chaos.

“[T]Hankfully, there were two men in a dumptruck. Whoever that was, he threw a hammer out the window and I realized, ‘Okay, [we’ve] gotta grab this thing.’

“And so I grabbed the hammer and smashed that window, and we were able to get it open. And (I’m) just thankful that the timing worked out the way it did. It was literally the nick of time.”

Ben believes that the rescue took place half an hour before the car was set on fire.

OPP Highway Safety Division uploaded footage and a caption hailing heroes.

Ben and his crew freed the driver on Independence Day.

Toronto’s 36-year old man, who suffered a serious medical episode, is now alive thanks to the brave actions of five men. The vehicle caught fire with its driver inside. They got the driver’s door open to save the driver. Your #HERO status is important to me. July 4, ’22


The victim sustained no injuries, according to police. Ben has spoken with him since.

“He obviously is thankful. I’m sure it’s all settling in for him. It’s emotional. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me this week. I’m sure it’s been the same thing for him. So, thankfully he’s in good shape, and we all walked away.”

Ben explains it was “fight or flight.” Furthermore, he’s not so special:

“I think there’s a lot of people out there that would do the same thing if they got into that situation. And all we can do is try and help other people, and the world’s a good place despite all the stuff that’s going on right now.”

Even in the darkest times there is hope. Two weeks ago, a 22 year-old man was visiting the Indiana Mall with his girlfriend when he spotted a mass-shooter about to start his rampage. Elisjsha Dixon engaged the criminal, shouting at others to get behind him.

As for flaming vehicles, we’ve observed other incidents where strangers have risked being burned.

Last September, a crew of men from San Diego’s East County Transitional Living Center saved an elderly Phoenix couple (watch that amazing story here).

An year before, a Marine saved an infant from an auto inferno at Camp Pendleton.

Back to Canada’s roadside rescuers, Mississauga Fire Captain Chris Ogg tells Global News, “A vehicle fire is probably close to 1,000 degrees. He was saved just in time. … Tremendous act of heroism. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 28 years as a firefighter.”

Ben and the other firefighters were awarded the Fire Chief Commendation Award for bravery.



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