Heartbreak at MSNBC as Joy Reid’s ‘ReidOut’ Crashes and Burns in Ratings Wars – Opinion

Understandably, there’s been a lot of attention devoted to CNN’s massive ratings decline ever since former President Donald Trump left office in January 2021, especially since the higher-ups there had the not-so-bright idea to think there were people out there who wanted to pay via streaming service what they weren’tEven watching from the sidelines.

But another story of a cable news network’s ratings crumbling is also unfolding.

As we previously reported, since their “star” primetime anchor Rachel Maddow decided to leave for greener pastures outside of the one day a week she now hosts her show on the network, MSNBC has struggled to fill the 9 pm timeslot. As they mulled their options, ratings for Maddow’s time slot tanked as the fill-in anchors they rotated didn’t cut it for their dwindling audience.

Though they’ve found a replacement for Maddow – Alex Wagner, who will start Aug. 16th, MSNBC’s woes continue as the woman they picked to fill Chris Matthews old timeslot – Joy Reid – is also crashing and burning in the cable news ratings wars:

MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” with host Joy Reid finished the second quarter of 2022 with its smallest audience since the program launched two years ago this month.


Reid’s program averaged 1.1 million total viewers during the second quarter for its worst turnout since it launched. MSNBC’s 7 p.m. The ET show also failed to reach the advertisers-loved demographic of people aged 25 to 54. It averaged only 122,000, its lowest quarterly total.


“The ReidOut” started strongly despite her skeletons, averaging nearly two million viewers during the third quarter of 2020, but has lost 46% of its audience since. Viewers from the coveted demo are also fleeing, as “The ReidOut” has lost a whopping 60% of its viewers in the critical category over the same time period; the far-left program managed 308,000 demo viewers in its inaugural quarter.

Reid’s program was not even among the 20 most-watched cable news programs among total viewers or the demo during the second quarter of 2022. She was not able to draw viewers but she did well when creating headlines.

As examples of Reid’s flameout, check out where she ranked in the coveted demo for Thursday (41) and Friday (34) nights last week:

That’s absolutely pathetic, but then again so is Joy Reid.

Reid was a toxic voice on cable news during her tenure at MSNBC. She’s bizarrely suggested that conservatives look for ways to drink COVID “in a Kool-Aid cup,” and has repeatedly referred to prominent black conservatives as “Uncle Toms.” She’s also suggested that gun laws are based on white supremacy and once laughably tried to portray Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears is (R), a black puppet for white supremacists.

Perhaps most infamously, Reid came under fire in late 2017/early 2018 when she claimed she was “hacked” after posts from her old blog were dug up and found to contain what LGBTQ rights activists said were “bigoted” and “homophobic” remarks.

MSNBC supported her during that time but it seems like her days on air are over.

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