Having Breathing Problems At Home? Here’s How To Solve That Problem By Improving Air Quality

As we are spending more and more time inside the quality of our air is so important, however it often gets overlooked, as you can’t clean the air that is in your home can you? Well yes in short you can improve its cleanliness. Dust and pollen to name but two things can affect the quality of our air, causing us over a period of time to potentially feel ill. Even if you live in the countryside it is no guarantee that the air within your house is any cleaner than someone who lives in a town or city, so purifying the air applies to you too.

There are things that can be done to improve air quality, whether this is getting an air purifier or an air filter, there are solutions around that will help eliminate that stale air within your home. Check out filterbuy.com/resources/air-filters-vs-air-purifiers/ for an in depth guide as to which option is right for you and your family.

Why Do I Need To Clean The Air in My Home

Every day nasty pollutants are entering your home, and unless you are airing your home regularly then these pollutants will be trapped in the stale air within your living space. The air that is trapped inside your home could cause you allergies, or it could affect other allergies, potentially making them worse. A good example of this is asthma.

Top Air Cleaning Tips

Cleaning or purifying the air within your home doesn’t need to be costly or timely. It should be seen as something you implement into the daily running of your home, and not something you just do on an ad hoc basis. Right now there are things that you can do that will impact your air quality.

Ventilate your rooms on a regular basis. Some people sleep with their windows slightly open. Other people air their whole house out on a daily basis. However, you choose to ventilate, do so regularly (even in cold weather as long as the air is not too moist) The fresh air that comes in from outside will help push all of that stale air around that has been loitering. Look at investing in an air filter, an air filter that is properly placed can help remove bacteria, dust and mold from the air around you. Air filters are great as they can be moved from one room to another.

Vacuum regularly as keeping on top of that dust that lingers on the floor(especially in carpets)  will make sure it doesn’t work its way up into the air. Eliminate the smoke and stop smoking indoors If you smoke, or stop guests smoking within your house. When you stop the smoke in your house you instantly notice how much lighter, fresher and cleaner the air feels. Mop and steam mop as steam mopping gets rid of lots of nasties that are lurking on your floor. It also stops dust particles from finding their way into the air in your living spaces. Depending on what materials your soft furnishings are made from you can even steam mop those, for effective top to bottom cleaning.

You could look at investing in an air purifier, this is a great little device that sucks all the nastiness out of the air particles, leaving you with cleaner filtered air. Don’t forget to dust regularly, dust can quickly build up and dusting with a wet cloth will help remove dust particles and pollen that could be stuck in your home on the surfaces. Get rid of the moisture as damp areas are a breeding ground for mold and viruses, so stopping any moisture build up is essential. After having a shower open the window, if you don’t have a window invest in a dehumidifier/moisture trap. You don’t want to run your dehumidifier 24/7 as it can be costly and can cause additional issues. It’s hard to know when to turn off your dehumidifier, there is additional information available but as a general rule you’ll want to turn it off when the humidity is 50% or less.

These are simple but effective in removing lingering moisture.

While there are a few possible sources for contaminants in the home, such as a dirty chimney, dampness with mold, and dusty air ducts – one of the simplest sources is one we have access to every day.  Cleaning the home of hidden dust can reduce dust mites and subtler allergy triggers that, while they may not make you sneeze, can lead to progressive issues like chronically stuffy sinuses.  Hiring a House Cleaner can lead to a vast improvement on this issue for several reasons.  One reason is that they are likely to get to areas you forget, like the tops of doors and trim, tops of ceiling fan blades, and using powerful professional vacuums can lead to nearly 3 times the amount of dust suction on carpeting.  That one is huge because as dusty as all our furniture and items get, well, that’s how dusty our flooring gets as well.  That’s a massive surface area that collects a ton of dust that not only lay on top, but works its way into fibers of the carpeting.  All that natural material adds up, and the home can have a tremendous amount of dust mite activity that just shouldn’t be there.  By hiring a vetted, experienced cleaning company, you can check this issue off the list.  While you can also just do this yourself, it’s often a convenience issue that can pay you back over time.  After all, there’s a lot better things you can be doing than scrubbing kitchens and pulling dust out of very nook and cranny in your home! 

Why not get all green-fingered by adding some houseplants. Having houseplants around such as spider plants and peace lillies can help purify your air.If you have a woodburner get it regularly cleaned out. The dust from the smoke and ashes can linger on soft furnishings and in the air. Try and use essential oils. Oils such as lavender, peppermint, citrus and even ylang-ylang, can help ease your breathing.

Keeping the air within your home clean, fresh and pollutant-free is hard work, especially if you have a busy family. Purifying the air is something that needs doing every day. From opening windows to purchasing and installing a moisture trap, every little thing helps. Putting a little bit of effort into establishing a routine to purify your home’s air now, will pay off in the long term.

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