“Have I Mentioned Beau Yet?” – Opinion

Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was pretty much what I expected. Blundering words, lying, again, proposing about 10 Trillion in spending he’ll never get, wish casting for dead bills, fighting windmills, and of course, the mention of his dead son, Beau. I turned to my wife and said, “Here it comes. Here comes Beau.”

I understand a father’s grief, and having a worthless waste of air for a son in Hunter is another burden, but Biden finds a way to work “The Good Son” into everything. I found Tuesday’s reference particularly galling. Beau worked as a lawyer in Iraq. His days were spent in a well-ventilated office reading paper. He wasn’t soldiering outside, downwind of the burn pit. Although Biden has no evidence that Beau’s cancer was linked to burn pits, he mentioned Beau before mentioning a real victim of toxic waste burn pits – and he did it with the soldier’s wife in the audience. This was his most insipid speech.

And Kamala sat behind him, sly smirk on her face, as if she’s thinking, “And they think I’m bad at this?”

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