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The initial media axes to grind over Brittney Griner’s imprisonment in Russia have worn thin for left-wing media sensationalists. The other Stephen A. — Huffington Post’s Stephen A. Crockett Jr. – to turn the issue into a hateful attack on “racists” in the good old U.S. of A. 

Griner’s original story was that Griner and the other WNBA players had to go overseas due to pay inequalities. Between the U.S. pro women’s league and foreign gigs, they were millionaires, so that narrative fell flat. 

Now the racial truth comes out – Crockett’s jaded “truth.”: 

… America hates black people, and America hates female athletes. Combine them and black women excel in sport, which America loves to hate. 

“America doesn’t just ignore lack female athletes; it actively despises them. It disrespects the sports they play; it claims they aren’t as skilled as their male counterparts; it places invisible asterisks next to their accomplishments. Women are still working just as hard, if not harder than their male counterparts.

Crockett further cites Serena Williams and Simone Biles (appearing in photo above) as proof that this hooey is supposedly true. They’ve dominated women’s tennis and gymnastics, respectively, for a long time, but when compared to men, they aren’t included in GOAT conversations. They also don’t get as much as the men. 

Crockett continues to disregard black female athletes with her rage, but it takes much work, planning and calculation. “It takes energy to hate this hard,” and South Carolina basketball star Aliyah Boston proves that because she was the most dominant player on both sides of the ball among men’s and women’s college basketball players last season.

Boston was so amazing and her race clearly so unfavorable, that ESPN’s lefties didn’t recognize her at the ESPY Awards ceremony. America was accused of racist prejudice towards black women, and the case ended. 

Boston said she’s used to such mistreatment. “It’s just another moment when the disrespect and erasure of black women is brushed off as a ‘mistake’ or an ‘oversight,’” she wailed. “Another excuse for why our milestones and accomplishments aren’t a ‘priority’ this time, even now, 50 years after Title IX.” 

After bitterly complaining about hatred for black athletes, Crockett returns to the script: the so-called economic disparity between men’s and women’s sports. Females are forced to eat mystery meat sandwiches, and Stephen Curry makes $471,000 more per game than the WNBA’s annual average salary. Tennis star Roger Federer’s worth is $550 million, and Serena’s is a pathetic $260 million. 

Crockett is blinded by his race and never sees the pain of it all. 

Women’s sports do not generate the wealth that men’s sports do, and that’s because far fewer Americans attend women’s athletics or watch them on television. In fact, it took many decades for a woman to be able to throw a basketball. Michael Jordan, Hank Aaron, Carl Lewis and Tom Brady were all crushing it in their respective sports, and there’s never been a female athlete or team who could approach their level of play. 

In 2019, 11.5 million people attended women’s college basketball games. In the same year, 33 million people bought tickets to attend men’s college basketball games. The NBA saw an average of 17,000 people per game this season. The Phoenix Mercury, the only WNBA team that sold more than 5,000 tickets per game last year was the Phoenix Mercury. The WNBA is subsidized and loses $10M per year. 

The Left can moan all it wants about hatred for black women, but the facts and figures reveal that Americans realistically view women’s sports as minor league when compared to men’s athletics. There’s no hatred for black women. 

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